Fashion Doll Friday: BarbieJewel Girl 2000

Today’s Friday Girl is a rerun, simply because I happened to have her out of the container today. She is Jewel Girl 2000 aka Stella.
Stella was out to have her Everflex body cleaned as it picks up lint really easily and her hair tidied as the rubber band that holds her style in place had broken. She does have very pretty colouring doesn’t she?

I dressed her in a Fashion Avenue outfit for her photo. The shoes are generic ones part of a bag of shoes I just ordered to top up my dolly shoe box.



  1. She has a lovely smile and pretty hair highlights. I envision her at a beach as she seems to have a nice glow.

    Mattel has released the 25 anniversary X Files dolls. I’m a big fan of the show and ordered immediately. I got Fox but Scully is backordered. He is a huge improvement over the last version with better resemblance, rooted hair and articulation. Looking forward to getting Scully but have seen her on Ebay and her face screen is just okay. Mattel continues to have exciting offerings.

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    • The original X Files set was the first expensive doll set Naomi and I bought together. She had Fox, I had Scully. When I heard about the new set we agreed straight away that we should get Fox for Naomi’s collection because he is the nicest male doll we’ve seen in a while. We decided not to wait for a price drop and went online where I located one at a good price in the UK only a week or so after they were released. At this point I don’t know if I’d get Scully as I’m quite happy with original Scully, now named Laura.


  2. sounds like it’s worth a look see as I donated my MIB set to charity, it was very well received but I miss skully and mulder but couldn’t justify re-buying yet..but I do have a great x-files book to display any I might find.
    Love your Barbie Jewel girl..I bet she’d be stunning in a crochet bakini or balloon creation or even some home-mades, classic stunner.


  3. I wish they had been offered as a set but since they were not, I’m so glad I got Fox first since I have so many female dolls. I saw Naomi’s post after mine lol 😉 Those who got them first are already selling for more. Even though I’m not a fan, I got the four Harry Potter kids dolls since they were at Walmart’s for $20 each. They should be a good collector’s item.


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