Fox Mulder

Trev 2This is the latest addition to my group of guys. Fox Mulder from X- Files. I think he is very nice looking and better than the older version although he is not at all bad. Excuse the messy carpet in the background. Teddy brought in a heap of leaves and stuff on his coat and they are yet to be vacuumed up.

Trev 3I recently grabbed him because I reckon he will sell out quickly and prices will skyrocket. I like his moody look and his hair. I’m so glad they gave him real hair this time. I am going to redress him so look out for him with a different look.Trev

He was looking at something in the first two photos. Stay tuned to see what happened earlier while I was posing him.



  1. Mattel did a great job on his face mold, I think he looks a lot like the actor! I also like the new Scully, she resembles Gillian Anderson too. You’re probably right about him selling out quickly.

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  2. “The truth is out there”. Looking forward to the makeover as I’m a serial boxer. So glad they made a face mold that resembles the actor instead of using a generic Ken or Ryan face. The last nice male dolls were from The Hunger Games.

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  3. And twilight,(jasper still my fave), but there was a cross over w/ carlisle/emmit used in too many other characters including hunger games.Females too, as well as same facemold for divergent/hunger games. The hair on fox mulder is a bit too long for me but otherwise perfection. The scully looks from the same face mold as before , is she articulated?


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    • He is so guessing she is too but not buying her as I no longer buy girl dolls unless they are really something to me. Fox is first nice guy in years. His clothes are in one piece under his jacket.Annoyed about that. Tie is separate though. He had no socks either but really like him.


  4. My Mulder doll has two strange tendrils of hair on his forehead and uneven sideburns but really happy he has rooted hair. There is some resemblance to David Duchovny, also to Dylan McDermott. Mattel is firing on all cylinders with characters from movies and pop culture. Where are the next The Look dolls?

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  5. Did you ever get Owen from Jurassic World? No resemblance to actor Chris Pratt but appears to be a macho looking doll. He might be a good companion to the Tomb Raider Lara Croft.

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  6. Mattel are certainly releasing a lot of pop culture dolls. This is a mixed blessing for me as I often have no idea who the characters are. I just buy if I like their look. I have the second Divergent Tris for example as I liked her face and short hair but I’ve never watched any of the Divergent films.


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