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Eight Inch Action Figures: Joker & Penguin

I just added these action figures of The Joker and The Penguin from the original 1966 Batman television series. You probably can all easily guess I used to watch this as a kid back in those days. Well I did and I used to watch it with my cousin Paul when we lived with our aunty Audrey and Uncle Dennis, Nanny and of course our three cousins. This came about when we came to Australia in 1966. I can’t remember when Batman first aired on TV in Australia but I do remember watching it. I remember Paul telling me about the characters and what they were doing when I first started to watch it with him. His favourite villain was The Penguin and mine were The Joker and Catwoman. It was always great fun and I still laugh at it today. I prefer it to the darker and more serious Batman films and stuff. Anyway here are my two new action figures. I have a few more coming so I will show them later. 

This is just a sneak preview as I plan to take some better photos of them later but for those who don’t know I have here The Penguin with his mask on and The Joker in his prison uniform playing baseball. He literally sprung himself from prison during a baseball game. I am getting Joker in his usual suit later which will be great.



    • Target over here are pretty useless these days. They have downsized and mostly only sell clothing. All the other departments are much smaller so I doubt I will get to see any of the Mego action figures at all but will watch out for some. Thanks for the tip.


  1. The 2 figure set of I dream of Jeanie is cool but $30, and the male figure looks more like Roger than Tony. I think you and I have a similar Joker ,the face of the non vintage one/reproduction but in a cheap knit ipc suit and short tux jacket,w/printed stripe pants.. so I put a green hat on him. Upside he does have nice shoes even if they are Ken size. Batman’s boots are really cheap looking, more suited for Santa. I have a Vintage Robin figure but no clothes yet. I love they are all the same size as the Trek figures, but not thrilled I spent so much on the Vintage ones, I have to save up for the others. I saw two versions of the Batmobile on e-bay but lost both auctions ,as well as one for a bridge. Definately pays to buy when you see stuff in the store.When I set them up I just put them with a Star Trek or Star books/magazines..Loving the adventures!

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