Guys and Dolls

Naomi and I finally managed to arrange a meetup for some of our guys and gals. Most of the girls dressed up for the occasion as it was quite some time since they had any male company.

Trevor, Jack and Mr Penguin all made a big impression.

The girls are very excited about the occasion.
Dressed to impress

At the Meet and Greet

Of course I could not resist seeing what 2018 Fox and 1998 Scully would look like together. Laura no longer has her cross which is a shame but the at least she won’t scare off any vampires.

Trevor and Laura .
Jack seems to have taken a liking to Sasha
Jack can’t resist clowning around for Gigi.
Jack seemed to like Elsa too.
Young Kirsty was quite in awe of the well dressed Mr Penguin.
Julia however was in her element as she loves a well dressed man.

It’s fair to say that some people may have got a little over excited especially at the sight of Mr Penguin who was definitely the rock star of the day.

It’s been a long time since some of these girls saw a handsome well dressed man.
Pengy surrounded by his new fans.

I did photo edit a couple of these pictures so you can see how nice the monocle is without the glob of Blu-Tac. I believe there is a white version so we will have to get some or some transparent, non permanent adhesive would be even better. We will try to do another meet and greet day soon.



  1. You read my mind with this post! My favorite pair are Mulder and Scully. I love Mulder’s makeover. He is quite handsome so don’t know why he’s overlooked by the ladies. It looks like he only has eyes for Scully😍😍

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  2. there were several outfits that would photograph in sepia or black/white ans well as Pengy in tux..and the intricate details would all seems like glam Hollywood and post-movie premier meet-and -greets..minus the photog flashes or todays “selfie”..Classic & classy!!

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