Invasion of the Guys

Pengy’s Fan Club

I thought I would have a bit of fun and dress my new Twilight Emmett up as The Penguin and he came out pretty good except for me making a mess of the top hat. I intend on starting over with a new one I am going to make later on. I also have to make a new monocle as I accidently broke the one I had made. It was made of a fairly fragile pair of wire glasses I cut down for him. I had to attach it with blue tack of all things as that was all we had handy. You can see the huge glob of blue tack so please excuse that for the time being. I was pleased with the cigarette holder that I came up with. it’s simply a cut down wooden skewer from the kitchen. I improvise a lot with props as postage to Australia for the tiniest things is so utterly expensive. Well Pengy as he is now called had a surprise visit from some female fans. In fact he got mobbed and no wonder as he is a good looking fellow and not at all like he is depicted in comics and the later movies post 1966. I think he enjoyed his day anyway.Β 

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  1. Was Pengy wearing Trevor’s suit? it is fabulous, or is he a body guard? He does lend a bit of class to the role! I had thought of doing the 1;6 scale w/ a DC twist w/ two face and his movie girlfriend Drew Barrymore..I do love her sculpt/but haven’t seen a good enough Tommy Lee stand in..and he certainly doen’t have the class your Pengy has..wonderful dio-drama..btw!!(secretly love the monical ..Action man would have one fully rimmed in blue for night vision! still brilliant how you create the jist of these amazing stories by using things around you, and sharing how you did it,(like a magician sharing the tricks of the trade!!)

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    • Wow thank you for that. I am trying to do Joker from 1966. My first attempt was horrible so back to the old drawing board with him. Hope to have him up one day though. Stay tuned!


    • I forgot to add Pengy has the top half of Edward’s wedding suit that I cut down. I got the trousers from Joker’s outfit. The spats are cut from white balloons.


  2. Looks like a scene from The Bachelor πŸ˜† I would like to see The Bachelorette with the odds being in the lady’s favor πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ€¨


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