Invasion of the Guys


Jack is a guy I got fairly recently from Asia. I can’t remember if he came from China, Hong Kong or somewhere else. I think it might have been China. He was very cheap but quite well made. He is just a generic doll you can buy if you want to get a cheap jointed body that is still well made. I bought this wig for Jack but did not do anything else to change him. His outfit is also from Asia and didn’t cost me much either. It does take forever to get stuff from Asia posted to Australia but postage is often free and you can grab some pretty good stuff so I put up with the slow postage for that reason. If you are not the patient type then you probably will get rather frustrated while you are waiting. It does take ages and ages to get to Australia at least.

Well here is Jack Stubbs. Jack is the owner of a joke and magic shop in Cruikshank’s newly renovated shopping arcade. The arcade has recently reopened for business and boasts many new and exciting retail stores such as Jack’s shop. Jack is American and has recently arrived in Sydney from New York City. Here are some pictures of Jack from last weekend’s photo session. 




  1. Jack looks like he’s just waiting for the right girl (or guy) to come along and keep him company. He has a sweet face and I love his shoes. Free postage sounds good to me. After all, anticipation is half the fun.

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  2. exactly..probably what I may do to dress nude Romeo doll that just arrived., so much of the homemade on-line are for the well as my patterns. I could scale up Barbie’s scrubs.or restyle a unmated sock into tights for the ballet..Has Ken done that for a career yet?

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