I decided that my Fox Mulder will now be called Trevor. Trevor is the lead singer in an R&B band called Dr Rock and the Sound Surgery. Dr Rock has just signed a recording contract with Havoc Records and is currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand. Before leaving London for Sydney Australia Trev looked up his mum Susan. Here they are pictured together. Trev’s mum thinks he could use a comb through his hair every once in a while.


Trev had a little excitement after his first show in Sydney. He met some fans after the show and they got into a fight over him.


While Megan and Ember were fighting Gemma made off with Trevor.


While Trev wasn’t really sure what to make of all this Gemma did and she was not going to miss such a good opportunity as this one. She looks pretty happy here.




  1. “Every girl’s crazy bout a well dressed man.”🎶 I like Trevor’s moody look and what a nice guy to look up his mum. He’s quite a catch and I’m rooting for Ember, one of my favorites, to win him!

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  2. kind of reminds me of an extreme version of the Bachlor..or the dating game..a Bachlorette version would let one of my celebrity gals pick from the “hunky” guys…sure wish they had doll back rounds with that to stage it.Btw..wonder if we ever saw Mulders mom in the series?..or movies?

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