Fashion Doll Friday: Fashion Fever Summer Fall Wave 2008

Today’s Friday Girl is another Summer from 2008. You will have seen Sharon before in fashion shoots as I rather like her and the articulated arms on these later Fashion Fever dolls make them fun to pose. As you can see I photographed her soon after I got her wearing her original outfit. She is hanging out at Naomi’s Bratz  Bar which was a favourite backdrop of mine when I visited her.



  1. Like this doll a lot, I have a 2003 w/ a similar face but bigger head and no articulation, so yours is so much more expressive, I love the white shoes and b/w skirt..I’d love a letterman’s jacket for a back to school look..She seems to lend the right look to several different styles.I would love seeing her seated on a horse, or on a rustic retreat w/ her best pals/mates.I think a business suit or glamorous gown would equally suit.

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  2. I like the Summer hair color and the casual vibe of the two outfits with the white tops. One of my favorite Summer dolls is the one in tube with the pink fur jacket. I love her facial expression and still have her new in tube.

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