Marissa’s Makeovers: Trina

Marissa is staying with her older sister Trina while she looks for a new place to live.

Marissa and her older sister Trina cropped from a family photo.



One rainy Sunday she was feeling bored and decided that Trina needed a makeover.

“You have beautiful hair but it’s so thick and messy.”

“You are not cutting my hair.” Trina said firmly.

She did however agree to let Marissa restyle it.

Marissa wasted no time in getting to work brushing out her sister’s thick hair.


She washed and conditioned it and then set to work with her favourite products to smooth and detangle the frizz.

“Well I have to admit this is quite an improvement.” said Trina a little later. She was quite impressed by how nice her hair looked.

“Now we need to go shopping and get you a new outfit and some new make up.” Marissa informed her.

“OK Marissa, we’ll go to the mall but I’m working later so I’m going to change into my work clothes first.”
When she returned in the black pants and white shirt that she usually wore to work Marissa objected.

“Seriously! Where did you get that shirt? From mum? You so need to revamp your wardrobe.”

“You know that I have to wear black or black and white for work.” Trina reminded her

“Where did you get that blouse?”


Marissa got out her phone to snap a photo of Trina in her work outfit. “Please don’t wear that shirt when you are out with me. Go and change out if it and stuff it in your bag. You can change into it at work if I don’t find you something better.”

“Marissa if you are always going to be this bossy you had better try to get your old room at mum and dad’s place back.” grumbled Trina.

“You’ll thank me later.” her cheeky sister replied.






The next couple of hours was a whirlwind of activitiy as Marissa conducted her sister through her favourite stores and picked out numerous outfits for her to try on. Finally they agreed on something that Trina could wear to work.

Of course Marissa had to do some shopping herself and by the time they stopped for a coffee before Trina headed off to her job at the Casino they were both tired but satisfied with their day out although Trina’s credit card had taken a heavy hit.

Trina’s new work outfit.
Trina and Marissa .

If you would like to see what else the girls bought stay tuned. Trina will be our next Friday girl.




  1. I think it’s about time Marrissa learned some manners. She is always meddling in other girls lives. She needs a smack about the gob!


  2. They actually wear uniforms at the casino. She looks nice but Marrissa made her ready for a date with Count D rather than ready for work.


  3. Mischievous Marissa is one of my favorites. I remember her makeover of Midge and the shenanigans at a party. I would like to see more of the shopping spree and learn about Trina, who is obviously a Teresa.


  4. I’m rather intrigued as I don’t recall a Teresa with almost black hair. Marissa does tend to tart up her makeover subjects. But she was getting Midge ready for the dating scene. I’d like to see where she ends up. Perhaps she and Midge can be roommates and more hijinks will ensue😉


    • Vanda got married and I hit the town and went to the pubs & clubs with my friends or my boyfriend. We were and still are completely different. You may or may not be surprised if you ever met us.We occasionally looked at clothes together but never dolled each other up. We get along pretty good though despite the differences in styles and opinions. We still enjoy Barbie and ken plus our other dolls together. We are looking forward to posting even more interesting stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

    • No Lauren we never did the makeover thing to each other, we have occasionally been clothes shopping together but as we live far apart and have different schedules it’s not very easy to arrange.


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