Fashion Fever Tube Fashions Revisited

As we haven’t had a fashion show for a while I thought that today would be a good day to revisit some of my Fashion Fever solo outfits that came in tubes. I last showed these in 2014 and the photos are not that good as I just used what I had at the time. In the early Fashion Fever days I rarely set shoots up but rather used relevant photos I already had.

Today our Showrunner is Vivienne who has chosen the models to wear these outfits.

The Showrunner:

Pilot Barbie 1999
Vivienne – Pilot Barbie

The Models:

  • Julia
  • Erin
  • Lisa

The Fashions:

*Note: The photos of the outfits in their tubes are not mine, they were downloaded from the internet when I did the original version of this post and I no longer know who took them. My apologies to the creators.

Julia is first up. Her outfit is quite versatile as she can wear it with the stole if she wants to dress up a bit or without if she is at work. Julia managed to get the pink shoes on as well.

Next is Lisa wearing a black and pink striped tunic top and a black skirt with matching belt and black knee boots.This is a Hillary Duff fashion.

Finally Erin wears the dress which is a teal and black print. This dress should have shoes but unfortunately I am not sure where they are so will have to look for them. Erin is wearing the belt tied at the back because that is what she wanted to do.

That concludes the session today but Vivienne promises that there are lots more solo fashions which will be shown very soon although she will probably ask one of her staff to run the next one.

Vivienne and the girls pose for the traditional group photo.


  1. Always so interesting to see the versatile Fashion Fever outfits as I was not deeply into doll collecting at that time. Seems like a smooth fashion show, too. None of the girls were fighting over the outfits. 🙂

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  2. All the models and Fashions were fun to see.. Julia was my favorite.. almost Bond girl/secret agent chic’, Love her hair! Can’t wait to see her hooked up in some date caper.. up ahead. Jst swapped out Enchanted’s prince togs for Medical garb to become Dr. Mc Dreamy.. and traded to Romeo who I think will go with a yet unidentified Dark haired Princess..Using a H.S. musical boy (duplicate) for an OZ Lion costume that is not fitting standard 12″ figures.


  3. Vivienne’s experience shows with this no drama shoot. The models and fashions are topnotch. I have the black and print dresses. It took me a while to find the print dress.

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