Fashion Doll Friday: Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A 2004

Today’s Friday Girl is Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A. Unlike my other Fashion Fever dolls this one was bought used and her hair was just a thick bush that never looked nice. Although I love my Teresa’s I have to admit that I have never liked this one as much because of her big hair.

I decided that I had nothing to lose by giving her a boil wash and this was the result. In fact I ended up doing it twice and her hair now looks nice and shiny and not as thick as before although she still has lots of it.

You will have seen how she looked before in “Marissa’s Makeovers”.

I did have Trina’s outfit but I am not sure if I still do. If I find it I’ll put her in it for another photo.




  1. Oooh she is so stunning and I love her simple, elegant dresses. I recognize the black dress but not the red one. She reminds me of Angelina Jolie.

    I want to thank you both for the quality and quantity of your recent posts. They have provided much enjoyment 😘👌

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    • Thanks Dani. That red dress was a generic one I bought a long time ago and actually it is really loose and doesn’t fit anyone very well. I might have to try it on one of the Tressy’s one day.


  2. Red dress is a stunner, and on Trina ..Red Hot! You might try it on a 12″Jakks doll, they generally need more room for their extra curvy figures. Love to see it on the Charlies Angels Cameron Dias or Lucy Lu or Drew Barrymore. Also the Jem dolls, Star Wars Leia or Maybe even Cher, Farrah, etc.. Maybe why I have so many sweater sets ,never know who will fit what when I rescue.

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    • I do have one Jakk’s Pacific doll but she is currently packed away. A Candi or Charice is busty enough but this dress is a very loose fitting dress everywhere else. It might actually fit the curvy Barbie body quite well.


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