Star Trek Action Figures

To boldly go where no action figure has gone before!

I just got my Mego Starship Enterprise Bridge set today. This set made by Mego came out around 1974 as far as I know. I’m not sure what was originally included but most of the furnishings appear to be in it although there are no chairs for Spock or Uhura. I’ve seen some on eBay so will try to get those later. The crew are all there and they are in wonderful condition.I know they did not include Sulu or Chekov in this set as they were brought out later however I will endeavour to research this properly and get back with more information later. I only unpacked this half an hour ago and I thought it more fun to play with them a bit. I took a few photos for show and tell and here they are. Sorry about these being a bit blurry. I will take some better ones later. I am getting used to a new camera.

“We come in peace”
“Uhura! Behind you!”
Scotty to the rescue
“Now I will take over this ship”
Are Spock and McCoy at it again?
Gentlemen Gentlemen!
“It’s worse than that, he’s out cold”


  1. Beyond cool! Great set! Only have a few of these ,but noticed Target is doing reproductions for $15 U.S., so will fill out my staff with some non standard crew. (other T.V. series). The Big Bang dolls also have the same bodies and had several Trek themed dolls for a Comic Con/Star Trek theme.Mego as well as some crime fighters we know and love. Your Enterprise Bridge set is one of the better ones I’ve seen. Hope you find more seats.

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    • These guys are eight inches high and fit in the play set very well. I plan to take pictures of them with Joker and Penguin who were not made by Mego so you can see the difference between them. These guys are smaller than my Batman figures even though they are all supposed to be eight inches. You will notice some big differences as they make Pengy look taller.


  2. What an elaborate set. The resemblance looks pretty good and the clothing and accessories are so detailed. Hope you are able to find more components. I can see this providing countless hours of fun as the crew explore the galaxies!

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  3. Mego did and is redoing so many figures and Star Trek did go everywhere in space and time. The Universe is their playground! I can’t wait to have my Joker beam into the Attic for some pre- Halloween/Christmas fun.I only wish Mego would do Jack Skellington who had doors to all seasons as well!

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  4. Those Star Trek Dolls are amazing. When I want to take photos of small dolls I use the flower icon on the camera view finder and then make sure the single point of focus which could be Kirk’s face for example appears in the selection box on the view screen. This means Kirk’s face in focus and other objects will be slightly out of focus. The background will fade away and Kirk’s face will hold your attention. If photo still does not work, isolate Kirk and place him on a neutral background to get a good shot of his face. I also take photo of Kiddle Dolls that are only two inches. The camera will not focus on them so I take a more zoomed out photo, then I trim or crop away the excess background in a program such as Photoshop.


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