Lady with a Suitcase

Cafe’ De Paris vintage fashion dolls.

Remember how I admired the display of vintage fashion dolls at the doll show? This was where I met Sue King, who was running it. and we chatted for a few minutes. I especially admired the vintage looking suitcase in this display and not long after that, Sue emailed me to say that there were some in stock at the shop she works in which is in Liverpool Street, Hobart.  The shop is called Chez Moi French Style and is a gift shop. I’ve seen it before but had never been there as I hadn’t realised there were any dolls in there. Naomi and I went to have a look and enjoyed browsing amongst all the pretty things, having a chat and meeting Sue’s dog Charlie.

I loved the suitcase.

So here is my suitcase, there were several other designs but this is the one I liked best. It’s made of tin with the design lithographed on. I packed it with a few things I recently bought from “Ellasdolls” on Etsy.

Inside the case.
A vintage style tin suitcase.

My reproduction American Girl Barbie approves of it; she is lucky that the Tressy’s have their own luggage or I am sure they would have grabbed it.

Reproduction American Girl Barbie in Poodle Parade with luggage.


  1. Oooh tres chic, bon voyage American Girl. She looks ready to travel in style with the “Louis Vuitton” like suitcase. I love tin containers for their beauty and durability and like to re-use decorated cookie tins for storage.

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  2. Yet again you’ve found something so fun! I saw several luggage sets on Etsy but like yours best. I have a steamer trunk I will have to use for better display space.It has several celebrity dolls in it I rotate for display but on it’s open side was doll ‘s boxes when they were on display.I like your friends Paris display w/ a twist using luggage storage cases as the props to display the dolls.I will have to make my repro. American G. Barbie the star. I have used my vintage..well almost vintage (35 year old) luggage for my Star Trek, and Star wars collections, and matching carry on for 6″-10″ bendees or similar size toys my grand-son love. Great Blog!

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  3. Tin toys are attractive and durable. Add in the miniaturization = adorable. I’ll have to make do with the plastic playline luggage pack I got recently, so few accessory packs come out in stores or on Amazon.

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