Fashion Doll Friday: Sindy in Emergency Ward

Student Nurse Sindy
Sindy can put your arm in a sling.
The patient’s chart and some medicine.
The illustration from the brochure.

My apologies for this post being late today. I have had phone and internet trouble for several days now due to a fault which my provider is fixing. My ADSL connection has been dropping out intermittently and this morning was gone completely probably due to the ongoing repairs. It is back now so I jumped online to post this in case it goes again. Also for the last few days every time I try to insert a gallery into WordPress the whole thing hangs. I don’t know if it is me or WP. I am going to blame them, anyway, that’s the reason for the different format today.

We haven’t had a Sindy for a Friday Girl for a few weeks so today we’ll revisit an outfit that I have shown a couple of times before. “Emergency Ward”. I had this outfit for my childhood Sindy and it has so many little bits to it that can easily get lost. The belt, the collar, the little sleeve things, cap, stockings, shoes, chart, and medicine.  Can you believe this outfit came with an actual safety-pin?

This is not my original but a replacement outfit and I’ve been able to add most of the accessories to it over time so this outfit is more complete than the last time I showed it a couple of years ago. All I need now is the cap.

I think the name of the outfit is borrowed from a popular TV show of the time, “Emergency Ward 10”. I am unaware if it was shown outside of Britain but it was the typical hospital drama and ran for ten years 1957-67. Mum used to watch the show and I remember it a little, in particular, a young John Alderton playing Dr. Richard Moone. If you follow this link you will see that Sindy’s outfit closely resembles that of the nursing staff in the show.




  1. in your link the older gentleman looks like the actor who played Pickering(sp) in the Audrey Hepburn version of “My Fair Lady”.Love this outfit ! Takes me back to my nurses aid training and the candy stripers volunteers. Your uniform is so white did you have to soak it (in Dreft) or did it come that clean.?

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    • It was not bad when I got it but I think I did wash it. We don’t have Dreft but similar products and I do soak old doll outfits in it if they are a bit yellow. Sindy’s tennis dress came up a treat with it.


  2. Cute. I like these little candy striper outfits that were made years ago. I have one that I think was made for Tammy and have it on a Tressy doll. It is not complete though.

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  3. The whole medical theme is close to my heart as my hubby was an E.M.T., so seek them out. Plus the scrubs are easy enough to make any unidentified dolls I don’t know how to dress. I got a Ginger ,(Hasbr) Maxie doll in a lot I think I will do that to and put her w/ the G. I. Joes/action guys in my granny pack.

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