Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Cool Crimp Kevin 1993

Naomi’s Cool Crimp Kevin from 1993
Kevin in his “orange” sweatshirt.

Today we have a Friday Guy and he is Skipper’s 1990s boyfriend Kevin. This Kevin belongs to Naomi and he is on loan here so he can hang out with Skipper. Kevin was first introduced in 1990 and this Kevin was the second to last to be issued. You can read a description of him here.

The description of Kevin’s clothing describes his shorts as purple denim and his shirt as orange. I would have said blue denim and salmon. His clothes haven’t faded, his boxed photo looks the same as this one. The other thing that is interesting about Kevin is that he received three outfits of his own. These days Skipper’s friends don’t even seem to rate names.



  1. What a fun surprise! I have what
    I think might be the 1991 Pet Pals version. I wish I could find the baseball outfit but think I might have a American Football jersey and helmet that fit. It’s nice having a smaller Mattel male from Ken as some of the un-tagged clothing I buy tends to be made smaller. Mine has rather large eyes so looks good with Disney princesses. I have an interesting time with shoes for him.(However,being a Cali girl I might adapt a pattern for flip flops.) Fun Blog!

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  2. I’ve found that most of the HSM shirts fit perfectly but I’ve had to alter some of their pants cause they’d be too big around the waist. I’d love to make him some clothes but haven’t found any patterns his size.

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    • I had wondered if the clothing on the smaller HSM dolls might fit as they looked closer to the right size but they didn’t have a lot of clothes anyway. I think you would probably have to adapt a Ken pattern as I doubt there were any made for Kevin.


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