One for the Blythe Collectors

My friend Gillian, who knows I love dolls, sent me a link to this article about collecting Blythe dolls and although I don’t collect them myself I thought that  I would share it. It’s a nice piece with a short video attached.  It is good to see collectors out there having fun with their dolls and not afraid to say so.

Blythe dolls 2006
English: Blythe line collectable dolls circa 2006, from left to right: Velvet Minuet, Love Mission and Asian Butterfly.
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  1. Delightful. Great link. Used to see the big eyed kids pictures in my older sisters room, growing up. Some of them remind me the teeniest of Mary Engelbriet dolls too. So many character dolls would translate to this form. Can you imagine the younger Royals.

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  2. They must have big brains but I don’t know how they can stand up with such big heads on their shoulders. Not a fan of these dolls but it is heartwarming to see that there are others who still enjoy their dolls.

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  3. At the beginning I too thought their heads were way too big but the more pics I’ve seen I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d love to have one. I’ve looked on ebay for em but the prices are outrageous. I’ve seen some cheaper made versions but I’m not as impressed with them or their price. I do have 2 or 3 of the tiny Blythes that came with the My Little Ponies:)

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  4. My daughter had a similar reaction to a Furby, but I found if you can’t stand any toy in a kids meal toy size, don’t buy full size. But if I could find one that looks like a Disney/fictional character several of those have oversize heads..and I adore Betty Boop.I didn’t see if they have pets.The clothing is so well done it might be worth buying a modern then saving for an authentic one.

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    • I don’t find them frightening but I think that these large eyed dolls may be one of the things that non doll collectors get upset over, that and vintage dolls with cloudy eyes from age.


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