Fashion Doll Friday: Pretty in Plaid Brunette Barbie 1998

This week’s Friday Girl is one of two “Pretty in Plaid” Barbies I own. The other one, the redhead, I featured some time ago but I may photograph her again in the near future. These dolls were all Barbie, not Barbie and friend dolls, this was quite common in the late nineties when I was first buying playline Barbies. She is wearing a generic gown based on Barbie’s “Solo in the Spotlight” and is one of a group of Barbies that I keep purely for display. I like having a few Barbies in evening gowns on display as I don’t feel that these dresses are really suitable for play.

As you can see I have managed to use the gallery feature today. I found that it still works on my laptop but not on my desktop-unless I switch to the “new” editor. I don’t really like it and have a workaround on my desktop so I can continue to use the old one but I do like galleries so I switch over just to do that part.



  1. Lovely doll, have you ever photographed the dolls together? The head looks like a parts lot head I was searching for a proper body for. Is the back mark a 1966 or 1999 mark? I decided tout my two dream-house girls together w/ some I call “eyelash girls.” I love 90’s dolls as they were the vehicles for sparking my daughters and nieces imaginations. I Forgot to ask what you call this lovely lady.


    • I may have photographed the girls together on the Barbie shelf but not recently and I will do that when I photograph the redhead again. Neither of these girls have names as they have always been display dolls. She has the 1966 body with the white coloured panties and is marked made in China. Head marked 1991, the Mackie face.


  2. Thanks so much! Trying to get back to re-heading had to move doll boxes too close to attic access so we could have a look-see while weather cooling. Also finally clear binning parts to get stuff sorted out. After nearly a year of “retirement” settling mil estate /daughters wedding,getting to a honey-do (this century) list, Thanks for helping me keep sane during a crazy year.

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  3. I have been reading your blog for a little while, but this is my first time commenting! It’s always good to find an Aussie doll collector. I hope you do more Rescue doll posts! 😀

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    • Hello to you too! I’m always pleased to find Aussie doll collectors too, there are a few of us around. I have got a few dolls that I need to do some work on so I will try to do another rescue doll post soon.

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  4. I love her hairstyle and how it highlights her features, brunettes with blue eyes are so striking. Lovely strapless dress too. I can see why you display only.

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