Fashion Doll Friday: American Character Tressy

Today’s Friday Girl is my American Character Tressy. All our other Tressy dolls are the British made Palitoy ones but this one I bought from eBay in my early collecting days. She has the AC mark and the “V” legs which means she is the first edition Tressy from 1964. As you can see she is not in perfect condition. Her hair has been trimmed at the front so she is not as glamorous as her Palitoy sisters but I have done my best to make it look tidy.

Tressy is wearing a genuine Tressy outfit called “In The Office”. This is actually a Palitoy outfit not an American Character one but the other girls are OK with her wearing it.

The shopping bag is a vintage one that I had as a child. I am not quite sure where it came from. It may be from a generic outfit because we did not buy a lot of authentic Barbie or Sindy outfits and never even saw any in the shops for Tammy or Tressy.



    • You can’t do much hairplay with this poor girl but she still has lovely face colouring. Tressy had some very nice fashions and I agree with you that she looks her best in autumn/winter wear.


  1. She doesn’t look as mean as the other Tressie dolls. She looks rather sad.Maybe she wants to glam up a bit more. What was her hair supposed to look like. I remember that bag but forget what it went with. Was it a coat? One of those shopping outfits.

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    • She does look a bit sad, she is not as glam as the Palitoy girls and she can’t sit like a lady so I thought it was her turn to be star for a day. Her hair has been cut at the front so I can’t comb it down over her forehead or make a fringe which I think would suit her better but one day I might try to restyle her .


  2. I have a few “rescued” Tressy’s with cut hair so limited style options, always wanted to try a bold color on one or dark ends or a crazy hat or even wig..maybe a micro perm with tiny red perm rods. Did one back in the 80s on a live person for a faux afro..I have a great knit green sweater or the Fed-ex store just gor some of those wine bottle cover sweaters, this year also scarves and caps.That comics book store at a local mall had Barbies for under $20, several Holiday ones too but I forgot which ones I already had/so sad! I need a better way to keep track of what dolls I have, especially when some/many are in storage.


  3. Haven’t checked that one out yet. I have some slide side clear pages I thought I could do some thumb-print pages for but maybe just a log for now. I used to print up E-bay purchases on the printer but that got expensive/fast.I’m doing tags now and putting basic info on a rolo-dex. But I prefer pics.(Also I have a fair share of Frankenbarbie” rescues.) If it weren’t for your blog I absolutely wouldn’t have a clue how to dress anything. I’ve already forgotten which color are from which decade. The re-headed/reassembled ones usually get the home-made clothes, or cheap knock-offs.! got a Ken size one today from Vietnam, with skinny pants and 3/4 sleeve on the shirt, and barely a full sleeve on jacket. Hoping to fit an early Ken or Kevin size doll.

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    • You realy ought to have a blog or at least a Flickr account Lauren. I’d love to see your dolls. I think you are probably further ahead than I am. This blog is my main record of what I have. I have used swing tags on some of Naomi’s dolls. Might get around to doing mine one day.


  4. started some swing tags for stuff w/o boxes took a break from inventory and was doing some secret Sant/mrs.Santa pre-shopping…btw..the “naughty Elves” at the mall were a steal at just $15 for the pair..vs another store one for $25, they have black felt bodies.The (sold separate) sweaters were actually called jumpers and were $2 cheaper than the bigger Fed-ex ones I got last year. Target, had a cute (Ken size) Cali winter-wear standard, jean shorts and white trainer/tennis shoes but topped w/ red/black check (flannel look) shirt. (if it was my sons sizes I would have added flip-flops and bought the lot. (plus a beanie/knit cap..of course)..with remnant yarn. A sports shoppe had a yellow slicker w/ boots for the Standard Elf on the shelf but it was $15..I’m curious to see if Skipper stuff will fit or just Ken/Barbie.The Accessories are a little bigger than 1:6 scale.

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  5. This year scaling down out side stuff inside overflowing as we have stored for our son before we move him..After two senior pets passing after my M-I-L, and a wedding and then two move this week, and Santa duty next month..the Naughty Elves will help me stay jovial. So far they’ve been the willing scape goats for any-thing gone missing like the Duct-tape, then I take a pic on my phone of them with it as if they were intentionally hiding it. I have an Elf /Fairy/Gnome pin I’ll use till my tech squad (grandkids) can walk me thru other mediums.
    I was somewhat frustrated getting the purchased Jumper on the female Elf, had to use hemostat to get the arms through, just put a bigger homemade on the boy. Plus they are wearing smaller pants as their legs are so thin, but wont sit flat with bigger pants as they have no bum.I think they will eventually work their way through the house to the doll room.

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