Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Hermione Granger

I had not considered getting Hermione until Naomi rang me up from Adelaide where she was on holidays and said that she had seen the Harry Potter dolls on sale there and they were quite nice. Would I like one? She sent me a picture and I decided that  I would. I had been a bit confused about the sizes of these dolls as I was under the impression they were the same size as Barbie. They are 1:6 scale but as children, they are smaller than Skipper, Hermione is about the same size as Ashley Olsen.

I confess that I have not seen all the Harry Potter films or read the books. I did see the first one and I’d watch the others but I have to watch or read them in the right order. I am fussy like that. So I don’t know a lot about the characters apart from Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I think she is quite an attractive doll and I was pleased to see she had some articulation. Technically I think these are more character or celebrity dolls than fashion dolls as they don’t have any extra outfits as far as I am aware but I think if Hermione wants to get out of uniform she might get away with Skipper or Stacie outfits. I will do some more size comparisons later. Naomi bought Ron for herself when she went back to the shops but Harry had sold out. These dolls sold really fast she said. We will try to get Harry and Ginny Weasley later for our child doll collection.



  1. Wonder if Hermione would enjoy meeting non-magical children. I got all 4 child characters for collector purposes. The Minerva doll is an attractive woman of a certain age with a great costume.
    I just received my backordered Scully doll. She is a great likeness (better than expected after seeing on ebay) and I’m pleased to reunite her with foxy Mulder.

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    • New Scully looks as if she is a good likeness although I like my original Scully with the Mackie face. I didn’t buy her for the character. I just thought she was pretty. I think we will team Hermione and co. up with some non magical children. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. I haven’t seen Minerva. She sounds interesting.


      • I just received an email about the Mary Poppins dolls. The mattel site has an over-abundance of Signature pop culture dolls :O A real embarrassment of riches when I’m trying to curate my collection. I’m most intrigued by the Iris Apdel dolls as she’s a fashion icon of a certain age. Really tempted by the Inspiring Women Frida Kahlo back in stock.


  2. Funny thing happened when I was reading one of the doll-a-day blogs from Planet of the dolls, about the Julie Andrews, Mary Poppins doll , I noticed mine had replaced shoes (white boots) on her and I liked her better!

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  3. My Ginny Weasley arrived today and as much as I love her also wished there were adult sizes like their professors, as there is a story w/ their kids /and the time turner. Maybe hers (Ginny) would/could look a bit like Midge.


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