Kid’s Dollhouse Trends

An interesting read about the modern trend in dolls houses. I have to say that I think that there are enough pink glittery dolls houses out there already but I’m not really a fan of the minimalist dolls house either. I think the fun of miniatures is all the tiny little accessories. That’s my fantasy and I’m keeping it.

Tourmaline .

Hi everyone! Long time no talk. I’m going to try getting back into blogging semi regularly about my own work and the wider world of art, crafts, and especially, specifically miniature diorama photography. Some short, some longer think pieces., we’ll see what all my brain makes available to me, and I hope you’ll stick around for the journey. 

There’s a trend right now in children’s dollhouse. You see it widely on instagram in accounts like @calevie_designer_dollhouses and @enidecor and echoed in the full scale mom-blogger esque worlds of @prettypetiteco and @mikobowen and worlds more.

The light toned, minimalist, modernism aesthetic is one that was created for instagram images to begin with. Modelling your home in such a way allows for your instagram lifestyle images to look trendy and clean. And then, having a dollhouse just as instagrammable within that home just makes sense. 

Now would the kid like a dollhouse…

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  1. What I got from it is that apparently some people, particularly those who do Instagram which is pictures only, deliberately style their own houses to look good on it and now some are doing the same thing with dolls houses, making them minimalist. Not much fun to play with I imagine. Not my taste or yours either I know apart from the fact that I don’t like the idea of just creating something to look good on social media and no other reason.
    The other trend is for the overly pink, glittery type dolls house, don’t like those either. Still, it takes all sorts so I thought I’d share the article for others to comment on.


  2. Interesting insights, I guess I like whatever is mostly in scale and fits into your lifestyle/space. I do prefer vintage but certainly mix and match. The too pink was fun when my daughter/nieces were into that , but a little goes a long way.I am looking for a Pink Barbie mansion with columns so I can spray paint it white and bling it out, another local trend but a more pleasing one for Holidays, you can showcase those fancy dress dolls, or angels.(still in the wish stage.)

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  3. Some of the minimalist doll houses do look very nice, but I love the detail that miniatures add to a dollhouse they’re just more fun to look at..

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    • I agree, if they are just for decoration I suppose the minimalist style can look attractive but the tiny details of miniatures is what makes them fun to look at for me. It suits my personal style better too. I could not live in a minimalist home.


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