Fashion Doll Friday: Tall Fashionista 79

I hadn’t added a tall Fashionista to the collection as yet because I had been waiting to see one whose face I liked. The Fashionistas are being made with a few different face molds now but when the face I like is topped with pink or purple hair I tend to pass her by. As you have probably realised by now I am quite conservative in my tastes. I want natural hair shades and classic hairstyles, no Mohawks, buzz cuts etc for me thank you.

Naomi spotted 79 while she was in Adelaide and when she called me she said that this one had a different and nicer face than the others she had seen. I looked her up online and saw that she had the square-jawed Teresa’s face which is one of my favourites so naturally, I said yes, get her for me, please. Naomi usually has a good instinct about which dolls I will like.

So here she is. I am not crazy about this outfit but with some black leggings and boots, I think that it would look a lot better. The dress is rather short on its own.

I think she is going to be a problem to redress. Regular Barbie jeans and pants will look like “ankle freezers” on her. I will include her in a fashion show in the near future so we can see.



  1. I had to chuckle over your post as I bought this doll strictly for the dress. It’s so true that everyone has different tastes when it comes to dolls. After I unboxed this Fashionista I wasn’t thrilled with the type of fabric used, but I still like the dress and it has been put on another doll. However, I do find the sleeves rather long, even for tall Fashionistas. To me the orange footwear is just another example of “What was Mattel thinking?!” This Fashionista does have a sweet face and the blonde hair with brown eyes is appealing. I’ll look forward to seeing how she works out in one of your fashion shows.

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  2. This is an attractive Teresa, I like her nude makeup, hair and look forward to seeing her re-styled in a future post. I have gotten a few fashionistas for their faces and fashions too.

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  3. I just got an Asian Tux that’s too snug in the legs for most Kens but would work on a taller girl, w/ some booties or sling-back shoes..the orange shoes wouild look cute w/ camo-prints and neons. Love her face/eyes! Might have to dip into next years doll stash as still in Mrs. Santa mode, buying for donations right now.Lovely girl, have you named her yet?

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  4. She was the only good one in the entire stack of dolls for sale at Toyworld. I had boxes everywhere so I could see what was at the back but she was the only good one. Mattel make horrible Barbies and Kens now. I always look anyway I suppose from habit. I think if people dressed in nicer clothes, forgot the tatts and went for nicer haircuts we’d have nicer Barbies and Kens. Funny thing is back in the eighties only one Ken got anything like the mullet and that was the blonde Rockers Ken or whatever he was. His face wasn’t the nicest but he had a good hairstyle. If only they brought out a “Classic Line” and did them up in a few 70s & 80s outfits. I don’t mean the horrible pink things they used to create. I mean real outfits that real people used to wear. Some Duran Duran styled Kens would be amazing. What do we get? Man Bun Ken which looks absolutely ghastly.

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  5. about some reversible outfits. I found your Friday girl at a great price might use her as our donation girl for military service families for Christmas.. anything for under ten$ who looks good is great! How very fortunate you shared this doll today! (and she’s on sale!)Also even if she doen’t arrive before our club meeting to donate for Christmas, in spring is a raffle table for kids. I think if I buy one for me I’ll call her Felicity.

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    • I’d be delighted to buy Fashionista’s for under $10 but we count ourselves lucky to find them under $20 these days. Do you remember that Mattel made some reversible Fashion Ave. fashions some years ago?


  6. No I didn’t ,that would be great, a reversible outfit for non holidays would be fun. Khol’s had #79 for $5ish and another girl I suspect could be a skipper friend in limited (probably sell out) quantities so got 6 dolls under $40.I saw a review for tall Teresa ,only complaint no bend knees. I thing several dolls are better models for high fashions or Ooak and fantasy, so this isn’t an issue for me.

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  7. I do think this Fashionista is very cute, and I have her as well. Agree that the dress is a bit short, and I’m not a fan of the orange shoes with the pink dress, but overall I like her a lot.

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  8. The other doll was #71 Fashionista. I find I like #79 best though. I might look for #10 or 82.I got a funny little Frankenbarbie from E-bay same day as my 1987 Paul arrived. She has a 1968 brunette mod Barbie head with a Francie body. She reminds me of the Life in the dollhouse girls with bigger heads.(and eyelashes, maybe she will be their housemother).

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