Invasion of the Guys

Mal Cartwright:

Mal Cartwright is the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band “The Fatalists” Mal is very creative being a very good song writer. He plays guitar and some piano when he is writing. His main interests are music and motor bikes. Mal has never owned a car. He is not currently dating anyone but he will probably make up for lost time when the band tours Australia. The Fatalists are now based in Sydney while they record their first album together as a group. 




  1. Mal was well known around London in his former band Highest Point.Mal left the band as he no longer got along with his bandmates. He also had some health issues. He is not as well known in Australia but I am sure that The Fatalists will soon have a hit. Mal might have to watch out for the fans then. He doesn’t really have a type as yet. They would have to have some appreciation of music and like bikes.


    • Hi, this is actually Dr Carlisle from the Twilight series. I used Emmit to create my version of The Penguin. It’s fun to dress them differently and create a new character. Hope to have more up soon.


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