Invasion of the Guys

Captain Frederick Stein

I’ve had this wedding day Edward for some time and had not decided what to do with him. A couple of months ago I decided to turn him into a new character. He is now Captain Frederick Stein. He is the proud captain of a large cruise liner belonging to one of the biggest companies in the world. I took his photos in front of a picture of The Oriana circa mid 80s. This is a ship I was fortunate enough to travel on myself in 1986. 

Captain Freddy Stein is looking forward to some shore leave in Sydney while his ship is berthed at Circular Quay. I think he looks rather smart in his casual clothes. I wonder where he will spend the day. Will he visit Darling Harbour or perhaps go on into the busy CBD. We might see him having lunch in the Sydney Tower where he can dine in style while keeping an eye on his ship. 

Captain Stein
Captain Stein
Captain Stein


  1. I love those pale mysterious types..I love his outfit ..Is he the same standard face mold as standard Edward? The Liv male doll has a similar face too but bigger head/more tan. But I call him Cedrick because I can never remember his real name. Love the life preserver! Great post!

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  2. Just saw a movie trailer for “Welcome to Marwen” starring Steve Carell. Looks fun for us doll lovers as it has live action dolls based on the women in his character’s life.

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  3. Great to see your dolls. I’m still waiting for the Jurassic world one. Time for a party so we can see them mingling in a doll house or for a fashion show!

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