Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Denim Basics 07

Today’s Friday Girl is another of my Denim Basics girls, her name is April.  I was very lucky to be able to buy a lot of my Denim Basics girls on sale locally which is fortunate because they have become quite expensive now. April is different from most of the other Basics girls, she is more lightweight and her legs are jointed differently from the others. Today she is wearing a floral patterned Fashionista dress and generic black shoes. Her other outfit is one of the Denim Basics outfits but not the one she came with.



  1. April looks great in both outfits, but the dress gives her a very nice, feminine look. Her hair is a lovely colour, and I like the way you’ve lighted it. The Denim Basics were one of Mattel’s nicer lines in recent years, but as always with Mattel, the distribution was a bit hit and miss. Great to see April highlighted in your Fashion Friday.


    • Thank you. When Mattel brought out the Basics line it was the most excited I had been about any Barbies for some time and I really wish they were still doing them. The photos were taken around 6pm which is still daylight but for extra lighting I used my two small photo lamps. The wall behind April is actually cream coloured so I thought it was quite interesting that it had come out so dark. I tweaked it a bit in Picasa which gave it the blue tone. The camera doesn’t see what the eye sees sometimes.


  2. Lovely gal, and it’s funny her name is April, because here it’s raining. I love the links. Getting to see her journey to your collection. I haven’t any denim girls yet. Have to see if I can find your Friday gal or the 04 red-head Amy. Great blog!

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    • I have been lucky that I did not have to pay full price for many of my Basics girls, they were either gifts or on sale. I think I only paid the full price of about $35 for two of them.


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