The Real McCoy

McCoy and Catwoman decide to invite a few friends to join them for a few little Xmas drinkies. It wasn’t long until the party was well under way.

“Please take this tray out to our guests Leonard Darling”
“I’m a doctor, not a waiter!”
“Give me that thing dam it!” “Thank you darling”
The party was soon in full swing.
Joker and Riddler can’t find their presents under the tree.
“Lets have another drink instead hee hee ha ha ha””Hooo hooo”
“I think Scotty might be asleep”
“I thought they would never leave.”
“Take me to your sick bay Doctor and do what you do.”

Hope everyone enjoys their Xmas and New Year holiday.



    • Vanda found the young lady at the op shop I think.She was the right size for the bendy people so I took her home to live with them. She has no name or character as yet but will appear from time to time when she has a part to play. Looking for others to join them.


  1. Great party, love the characters and antics, and use of doll furniture. Batman and Robin are missing out, perhaps they should attend another party or throw their own.

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  2. The problem with Batman’s party is they would probably only serve milk and cookies. That’s all he seems to have during the 66 series. What a drag! One thing he has in common with Catwoman! Maybe Mr Spock would go but most of the others are not on Batman’s Xmas card list right now. That was the largest size furniture I have that comes close to their size. I have a house that might suit them that I hope to fix up for them one day but won’t get to that until after the move. It’s an old home made one I found at the Tip Shop. Picked it up for $20 or so. It’s two stories with a double gabled roof. Hoping to get into making some of my own furniture and props in the future. I intend to set up my own work space for these projects.


  3. Kirk is into one-night stands, Cat-woman want’s a Full-time guy. Batman & Robyn are a bunch off Gay’s.
    Riddler & the Joker Just want ” Their Present’s !! ” Joke-book / Laughing-gas.


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