Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Stacey in Now Knit

Naomi’s Stacey in Now Knit issued in 1970.

This week’s Friday Girl is Naomi’s Mod Era Stacey.  Stacey was first issued in 1968 as “Barbie’s British Chum”. However, this Stacey is a later one as the first issue Stacey’s had long hair.  Her outfit is a Mod Era dress from 1970 called “Now Knit”. The outfit was issued with blue Pilgrim shoes or T-straps and as I had a pair of Pilgrim shoes in my stash I am using those. I bought the dress recently and intended to display it on my Living Barbie but the shoes did not fit her as she has flat feet. It turned out that Stacey was the only one of our Mod girls who could wear the shoes. The outfit is missing a few pieces; a silver belt, a blue scarf, and green plush hat.




  1. Very smart dress! It has the updated feel of the “new vintage I see in posh shops like Nordstrom Rack, etc.. I’d love to see some yoga pants belted or a jacket, or tights and a scarf..the variations are nearly endless. With the silver stripes some silver open toed shoes or pumps, accessories she’s good to go for the holidays. Very lovely doll, terrific Fashion Friday!.

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  2. The flared bottom ones are kind of bell bottom retro, and with the booties or flat sandle’s and belted very 70’s chic. Off topic, got my first MIB Canadian doll, 1997 Paul. Not as cute as vintage but will look great with different character/celeb dolls.

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