Fashion Doll Friday: Dramatic Living Barbie

This week’s Friday Girl is my Dramatic Living Barbie from 1970-71. She was the first fully poseable Barbie. I changed Barbie out of her homemade outfit but when I found that she could not wear the shoes I wanted with “Now Knit” I put her into this Fashion Avenue outfit which was previously worn by Twiggy. However, poor Barbie had another wardrobe malfunction as the top would not do up at the back. I will look for something else for her but in the meantime, I have returned her faux fur jacket which luckily looks OK with this outfit. I still have to get her some shoes, I squeezed her feet into Skipper shoes for this photo but they are really too tight.





  1. Much as Barbie isn’t “me,” she certainly had taken over the market in a way no doll I can remember ever did … and for so LONG, too. Maybe the Ginny dolls, the little 8″ dolls we played with all the time as kids were as enthralling, but they didn’t last as long and certainly not through multiple generations.

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    • She has 60 years next year . Maybe a lot of it was due to good marketing in the early years because only Sindy came close to that kind of life span. Sometimes now I think Barbie might be almost played out though.


  2. One of my favorites.I love these faces only second to steffie. I have a recent recue with this face and Francie body, not much in my stash small enough so put on a Tressy sheath under Skippers green coat/jacket. It looks festive but need to make scrubs or something as I don’t manage the balloon bathing suits too well.I think I will try boots from the elf on the shelf as they are pretty large.

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  3. We should create a Woodstock scene some time. We can dress up people as bands and as hippies getting it on to the music. We can get them naked in the mud too. Maybe not that but I’d love to set up an outdoor musical event for the Barbies and Kens.

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  4. All the 1970s Barbies have such an innocent look and I particularly like the brunettes. What a fun – and funky – red jacket. It looks fab on her. And yes, a Woodstock scene would be awesome.

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