Invasion of the Guys

Georgie & Frankie Cruikshank

Georgie and Frankie are brothers and they both work at the Cruikshank’s department store in Sydney with the rest of their family. They have done since leaving school. Georgie works in promotions and is also a buyer for the store while younger brother Frankie has much to do with the restoration work at the flagship store in George Street Sydney. Frankie also has a good head for business. Here are a few photos of the brothers.

Frankie relaxing at a cafe
Frankie has a date
Georgie meets up with Becky
Georgie loves to wear hats
Georgie & Frankie
Georgie & Frankie
Georgie & Frankie
Georgie & Frankie


  1. Very nice to see the guys and read their background story. They do look like brothers even though they have different taste in clothes. I think a hat always adds a little something to an outfit. And I agree that they would make wonderful models to showcase the store’s clothing lines. Looking forward to hearing more about them.

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  2. Frankie is from a Harley Barbie and Ken set. He came with the tattoo. I will try to post some more photos later so you can see it better. I can’t remember when the set came out but I have had Frankie a few years now. I think Frankie is the third biker ken made.Two with Barbie and one on his own. I’ve always thought Georgie and Frankie made good brothers. Vanda has the Barbie from this set.


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