What Was Under The Tree?

Of course, Naomi and I gave each other toy-related presents. She will be showing you hers in a future post. Here is mine

A couple of my Christmas present s from Naomi.

First of all, we have Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series. I said that I would like to get Ginny when Naomi bought me Hermione, while she was in Adelaide so I was very happy to find her under the tree.

Mattel’s Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series.

I was also keen to add to my small collection of vintage Barbie outfits. As I like to put them on my dolls I don’t really mind whether I get vintage or reproduction. With vintage, you often have to collect all the pieces of an outfit over time so it’s quite satisfying to complete an outfit but with repro, you have the whole thing right away and can enjoy playing with it. You also don’t have to worry quite as much about handling fragile old material so either is good.

This set is a reproduction of “Winter Holiday” #975 made from 1959-63. I think that it wouldn’t look out of place today. I am looking forward to trying this on some of the vintage girls if Jan does not get her hands on it first.

Reproduction outfit of Barbie’s “Winter Holiday”.

Finally, a book of Doctor Who paper dolls featuring the first 12 Doctors and several of the Companions with costumes they wore in various episodes.

Doctor Who paper dolls featuring 12 Doctors and several companions.


I intend to show all of these things in a bit more detail in future posts. I hope that if you were celebrating Christmas Santa (or your family) was kind to you. We’d love to see what was under your tree too.




  1. Glad you got Ginny to accompany Hermione. Look forward to seeing the fashions on lucky dolls in future posts. We are the ones who get gifts of your posts.

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  2. Wow..Ginny Weasley is practically tops on my wish-list. She looks better than the adds. I have a Dr. No doll I’ve left in the package while I bag/tag/box & bin loose dolls for more room. I was able to donate some tall Teresa’s #79 and two 71’s 2017 Fashionista’s as Khols sold them for $5ea.I do admit to keeping one Teresa for me even though I swapped out the pink Love dress to a tank dress w/ orange to match her shoes and made her a yellow cap and wrap. I got a used James Bond who appears to have Tammy’s brothers body. I’m looking for some short shorts and a pull-over teeor sweater
    for a casual look as I only have limited things for that body. I love the boxed Barbie outfit.The coat will be so lovely and probably be borrowed by all her friends. I am looking for something like that for my Honey West doll. Happy New Year and many happy returns! Great blog!!

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    • I think something in orange or yellow or alternatively green or blue would look better on #79. I haven’t done anything with mine but am planning a change for her in the near future.


  3. My Ginny Weasley came and I adore her face,( but the body looks as if it should go on a Fairy, Plus the feet are huge w/ no articulation.) I did have a thinner taller Asian body, I can put Skipper or some Barbie fashions on, but still look good w/ her uniform. Not for everyone but I wanted her a teen,and the head was large enough to look good.She will still display well with my 12″ Harry and Ron and Emma Watson Belle) redressed in P.J.’s rose colored dress.

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