Fashion Doll Friday: Skipper Babysitters Inc.

Today’s Friday Girl is one of the Skipper Babysitters Inc dolls.  I recently bought her from Amazon. Australians can now buy a limited number of items from Amazon USA again but only the ones that they ship themselves. Still, it does open up the opportunity to buy some dolls a bit cheaper than the local version sells them for.

There are several dolls in this line, including one boy, but none of them appear to have names so I’m not sure if the girls are all meant to be Skipper or friends of Skipper. I chose this one because I like her hair and I only have a few African American child and young teen dolls.

I am not so keen on her outfit. It is colourful but the design is printed on and it is all in one piece. I don’t really like the boots with it either but I know this fashion of clumpy boots with little dresses has been around for some years now.  I like boots with jeans and leggings but to me, this type of boot with a dress just looks odd. It looks odd on young girls too. Her hair is held back with a rubber band and is a bit untidy around the ends so I might give her a tidy up later.



  1. She is pretty and I like her hair too. I got an AA fashionista with similar hair. My office building had a holiday toy drive and I donated some fashionista dolls and toys.

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  2. Your babysitter doll has a pretty face, but I can empathize with your comments about her outfit – the fact that it’s all in one piece and the design is printed on it. That seems to be the way Mattel is going with Barbie clothing now, but it is disappointing. I’m sure you’ll think of a nice name for her. Perhaps we’ll see this doll and some of your other Skipper dolls participating in a fashion runway for preteens some day. 🙂


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