Building Barbie’s Dreamhouse: Day Two

As I explained in the previous post it took a couple of hours for Naomi to construct the wardrobe unit of the Dreamhouse. Luckily, it is the largest piece of furniture and the most complicated to put together. Once assembled this unit is attached to the walls of the Dreamhouse with plastic screws and it can remain inside the house when it is folded up. Before she went home Naomi told me that I had better not EVER disassemble that unit after all her efforts putting it together.

Inside the Dreamhouse. Day Two.

One thing that I did notice was that the graphics on the outside don’t actually match those on the inside. For example, where the interior has the wardrobe, a vanity unit with a small window above it and a bookcase the exterior shows a door and a floor to ceiling window. On another side, the exterior graphic is a brick chimney and a window while inside there is no fireplace or window to correspond. Of course, a child would not worry about this and nor do I but it is quite funny I think.


It really is a beautiful reproduction though. The cardboard furniture is very sturdy and well made. It is a large house too. Fully assembled it takes up most of the room on my dining table. If we want to keep it on permanent display in our future home we will have to have a pretty large space for it.

The house takes up most of my dining table space.

Now for the rest of the furniture.

Construction of Barbie’s house and furniture takes up most of the room.

When I looked at the instruction booklet myself I found that ten of the twenty pages were devoted to the construction of the wardrobe, the other pieces were much easier and I think that the intent had probably been that the child would start with the easy pieces and work their way up to the more complicated ones. Of course we had to do it the other way around. I was also amused at how thorough the diagrams were.

I never would have guessed.

Even so, it took me a couple of hours to put all the rest of the furniture together.

Reproduction Barbie arrived to arrange the furniture. She is the one who came with the house. Although I won’t be able to keep it up all the time I won’t have to dismantle the furniture. It can be stored in the large cardboard boxes that came with the house.

Barbie in the room.

Next time that Naomi comes the house will be hosting the Mod Girls.



  1. It looks pretty good all set up. I bet Francie and Stacey will look good in it as will the swirl ponytail Barbie dolls. I’m glad to have a chance to see this set up at last.

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  2. Amazing! Did you find this in a shop or on-line? I can see adding homey touches ,a mini afgan throw, pillows, knick nacks,and the like. Can’t wait to see the gang “hang out” at the new crash pad. Beyond Groovy!


    • Online, I don’t think any bricks and mortar stores here ever sold them. We both felt that even though it was not cheap the repro house made more sense than looking for a vintage one. They are expensive too and usually there are missing parts and damage. The repro house also included Barbie. They are still around on eBay and I think Amazon but not cheap as I say.


  3. It all looks wonderful! I love the retro look of the cardboard furniture. Sometimes I think we doll collectors need an extra house just to display our dolls and doll furniture/dioramas. Even though the house is too big to be on display all the time you could still do smaller displays with some of the furniture. It’s hard not to be nostalgic when I see the view of the house with the repro Barbie – no pink or glitter anywhere! πŸ™‚

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      • There is a bit but it’s not the feature, just part of the decor. I have no problem with pink as a colour, only when it is overused and used on items that are not pink in real life like stoves and fridges.


    • That’s what I love about it. No pink, no glitter. It’s completely true to the original in style. It does fold away easily so it can come out for shooting sessions. I intend to keep the furniture inside so nothing gets lost.


  4. Repro Barbie did a great job arranging the furniture. I’m a bit surprised that it’s just a studio apartment when it looks so big on the table! Can’t wait to see other repro/vintage dolls when they visit.


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