Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie in Winter Holiday Reproduction

Today’s Friday Girl is my vintage brunette Swirl Ponytail Barbie wearing a reproduction of “Winter Holiday”. This was one of my gifts from Naomi. I think it is a great outfit.



  1. It’s a beautiful outfit, and your vintage Barbie is beautiful, too. It’s so nice to get a doll-related gift from someone who understands your love of dolls. Happy doll collecting (and playing!) in 2019!

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  2. Love seeing all these vintage elements come together. The sporty Winter Holiday is timeless, versatile and looks great. What great gifts when there is a dearth of quality in the current market.

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  3. Does the jacket have a red lining? (mine does and I was trying to decide if it was vintage or reproduction.) The shoes were wrong/standard backless sandles, not wedges. The tights look the same as yours and the hoodie looks the same but has stains, bag the same I think,missing the gloves, etc..Is it o.k. to soak the jacket in warm water? mine got squashed in it’s baggie.


  4. I think mines reproduction as it looks just like yours minus the shoes and gloves..The lining inside the jacket is redish orange, and has a white fabric label and sort of stiff as it was flat in a baggie.Do you know if it is safe to soak in warm water to re-shape it?


  5. Hi Lauren, my repro one does have a red lining. I would not risk soaking it in warm water, you know how red always seems to run. Maybe you could try steam, hold it over a pan of boiling water. I’ve never done that but it seems like it might be a risk-free way to do it. Or perhaps a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting for a few seconds. Let us know how it works out.


  6. So tried a light steam.. unbent the arms enough to get hands through. Not certain what the seller or former owner did to make it feel like hard plastic, I’m even having trouble putting it on a skinny clone. Maybe I’ll try a Francie.,Skipper or friends, also some of my celebs are smaller.Would make a great big sis/lil sis set if I find another one. Btw, how does the hoodie compare w/ your date night Ken’s shirt?


  7. Might try that on vintage Ken. Was curious how it might co-ordinate w/ movie date ken shirt/stripes..but the other would be nice too. Plus some cute knit caps/scarves.Fed Ex had caps and scarve sets along w/ the wine bottle sweaters. They are large enough for bigger dolls. On holiday cl;earance cost less than yarn to make them..

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