Fashion Doll Friday: Pedigree Patch

Today’s Friday Girl is Pedigree Patch, Sindy’s Naughty Little Sister. I decided to take my 3 Patch dolls outside today to take some new photos of them as some of the original ones I posted here are not that great. A lot of photos that I used when I started the blog were from my Flickr account and these will soon be deleted unless I upgrade to a Pro account.

Patch first appeared in 1965 and I received mine for Christmas that year. Sadly I don’t have her any more because her head came off and as a teen, I had no idea how to fix her or that these dolls would become so expensive.

*Note that the Sindy Museum site gives Patch’s issue year as 1966 but I definitely got mine for Christmas 1965. I remember this well as we left for Australia on 23rd December 1965 and got our Christmas presents a few days early.

However, I was lucky to find a replacement doll at Paddy’s market in Adelaide in the late 1990s. She only cost me $8 which was cheap even for then. I thought that the seller must have made a mistake or not known who she was. Needless to say I grabbed her and ran.

This is the auburn hair version of Patch but she was also made as a brunette and a blonde. I always think that Patch has a more cheeky expression than Pepper. She is wearing an original Patch outfit but as it didn’t come with the doll it looks a little short in the legs. Patch did vary in height over the years she was made.

Patch is in pretty good condition except for a rather ragged fringe but I always think of her as a little girl who would experiment with scissors on her own hair.




    • She does look a little like Pepper and they are similar sizes, Patch is a little shorter and slimmer but yes they can swap clothes. Of course you know that Pedigree based Sindy on Ideal’s Tammy so it stands to reason that the little sister would be similar.


  1. She is cute. I also collect Tammy and family and am sorting out what I have. So far I have a good almost mint vest and tie spare that belongs to Ted ..if you are interested we can work something out. I can also telll you what I need to complete my outfits for them. I am in Brisbane and have the same problem finding things for them..postage from America being so expensive. Love your blog. My brother and his family live in Hobart and one of my best dolly friends has moved to Hobart so we may catch up one day. Regards Maria Patrice

    Ps I have started a blog on

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    • Hi Maria, always nice to find another collector in Australia. Maybe we can help each other out. I don’t have much Tammy stuff, so hard to get here. If you would like to email me your “wish list” we might be able to look out for things together, sometimes you get lots where you only want certain items but have to buy the others. I don’t have Ted yet but I know that Dad can also wear the same clothing.


  2. I never had any Tammy or her family dolls as a kid. Actually, none of my friends did either. When I started collecting dolls, I saw Tammy dolls and thought she was really cute, more like a regular kid. I can’t seem to find much of this line used since I started looking about 10 years ago. I did manage to find 1 Pepper doll at thrift/consignment shop for $10. Pretty slim pickings here in Michigan, (USA). This doll is cute. Thanks for sharing!


    • Tammy and her family are HTF in Australia too. I guess that she and her family were only made for a relatively short time compared to Barbie or Sindy. When I do see them online they are usually expensive. I was fortunate to find mine some years ago before prices went up so much.


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