Op Shop Dolls: Retro Style Barbies

Before I could even get started on the last lot of Barbies from the Op Shop we received another batch of dolls, a couple of Bratz and several older style Barbies with the “Made in Taiwan” bodies and bent arms. A couple of dolls in these batches have broken neck pins and one was even on a Lucky Industries body. The other night I saw some interesting tutorials on repairing dolls with broken neck pins and broken legs. I might try that on one of these dolls. I don’t know how to remove arms and legs from Barbie yet so I’m not sure if I will keep these bodies for spare parts or not if it doesn’t work out. I will keep the heads as I can probably rebody them onto something else.

Here is one of the older dolls whose hair I fixed. There was an older style dress amongst what I brought home from the shop so I thought that she would look nice in that. I think it is the dress from Crystal Barbie 1983. The doll is not Crystal Barbie by the way. She has violet coloured eyes. I may have a hard time taking this one back.

Another interesting find was a Barbie wearing a tulle skirt and sparkly top. When I examined her outfit more carefully I saw that the skirt was reversible. It was the skirt and top to “Day To Night Barbie”. I was particularly pleased to find these because I had an idea that I had the jacket somewhere. When I checked my box of vintage fashion doll clothing there it was. I have had it for years. It came in a mixed lot of clothes or on a doll and I’d never used it because I didn’t have the rest of the outfit but I didn’t move it on because I thought it was worth keeping. And so it was! Here it is on one of the other older Barbies that came in the Barbie lot. I don’t have the right shoes or the accessories, the 1984 doll had a hat, briefcase, evening purse, chiffon scarf and two different pairs of shoes but it was pretty cool to put the jacket with the skirt and top after all these years. I am not sure that the doll is the actual “Day to Night” Barbie of 1984 but she is certainly the right era for the outfit.

Obviously, I can’t put these dolls out on the doll shelf at the shop as small children would not appreciate what they are so they will probably be saved for one of our special Saturday sales or I may be tempted to just buy them myself.



  1. Great match ups, I have been sorting dolls from these eras too, but I get lost in the faces. I did see your girl in a collection video of a, thousand splendid dolls, her collection of 60′, 70’s and 80’s dolls. I hope her flickr files don’t get deleted as they have been a good resource.


  2. I am relatively new to Flickr so don’t know the ins or outs of either..my photos are all from my phone and stuck in the computer. My hubby is much better but not even baked goods will work to get him to photograph dolls..as he’s on weight watchers. My brother is a very good photographer but it’s his living so I need to pay for his time to meet expenses as is fair. I greatly appreciate you all who have helped us all identify dolls with sharing your talent.


    • Phone photos are a lot better now than they used to be. You don’t have to have an elaborate camera to do doll photograpy. I have a DSLR now but I’ve used point and shoot cameras and in a lot of cases they do just as good a job.


  3. Isn’t it satisfying when you can finally match up some odd pieces, like you did with the Day to Night outfit? These older dolls have such lovely faces and are so much better quality than what Mattel is producing now. I’d be tempted to buy them, too.

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  4. I was born in 1980 and these old barbies made me remember and old childhood trauma: Barbie’s extreme blue eyes!!1
    Most 80s barbies got those big non-human blue eyes. I didn’t like them as a child, but now, I think these dolls could be a pair of cool aliens disguised as humans that want to invade Earth πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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