Life in a Bendy World

Phone a Friend

When we last saw our heros they were still looking for the Batmobile. Unknown to them it had really been borrowed by Kirk and Scotty.

 Now they  find themselves under arrest at the Gotham City Police Station. Things are not looking very good for our intrepid space travelers. 


“If you’ll just give us a chance to explain officer! Can you at least let me telephone one of my men so we can clear this up?” “You can do all your explaining in court on Monday. Now we are going to get your mug shots done” “Aye or we’ll be served up for that wee doggy’s dinner if I’m not mistaken Jim. We better do as the officer says man.” Scotty starting to feel uneasy around the officer’s police dog Bob.

“Hold it steady”
Bob oversees the whole operation.
“I hope this doesn’t go on my Starfleet record!
Scotty gets his mug shot done.
“It’s not one of my better days! I’m not Fred Flintstone Laddie.” 
“Could we not hurry things up a bit Jim?”

Kirk persists in asking to make his phone call. “Just let me contact Spock. After all we are entitled to one phone call.” “Very well number please” Kirk gives the officer the number of Batman’s BNB. 

“Oooh we’ve got a telephone call.
“How revolting! It’s the police station.”
“It’s for you!”

“What a pity! They’ve locked up your friends.” says Joker. Spock takes over the phone. “Spock here Captain. Mr Joker tells me you have been incarcerated? Is that correct?” “Affirmative Mr Spock. Bail is set at $1000 a piece. Can you come down here and get us out?” “I’m on my way Captain.” Mr Spock springs into action. “Doctor we must hasten ourselves and go to the Gotham City police station at once. We must bail out the captain and Mr Scott.” “How much is their bail?” “I believe the arresting officer said it was one thousand dollars a piece. ” “Spock! Are you out of your mind? we don’t have that kind of money. What do you intend to give them? Starbucks????” McCoy is his usual frustrated self. “They probably only accept cash and we don’t have any remember.” “Ooh I know, let’s rob a bank!” “Your help is appreciated Mr Joker but it was your lending of the car that got our captain and Mr Scott arrested in the first place.” says Spock calmly. McCoy glances around the room. “Anyone else like to make a suggestion?” Pengy says “We’ll wait for nightfall and break them out before those mud hens have a chance to say book him.” Spock and McCoy start weighing up their options when suddenly. “Ooh it’s the dim witted duo!” “Who was that on the phone Joker?” “Gosh Batman I bet it was one of his unscrupulous pals from prison.”

“How many times have I told you not to let the dogs sit on the furniture!”
Batman & Robin set off to collect their car.

“OOh how rude you are but you are right they were unscrupulous. It was the police. Officer Jenkins in fact.” Spock would intervene “I believe you will find your automobile on the corner of Fifth and Maple Street Sir.” “Gosh Batman that means the car was never shrunken down to the size of a child’s toy after all.” “So it would seem Robin and there isn’t a moment to lose. We must get there quickly before we get a ticket.” “You’re right Batman. It wouldn’t be good to let on to the public that Batman got a parking ticket.” A stark realisation suddenly comes over Robin. “Holy Hobgoblin Batman, that was Mr Spock from Star Trek but what’s he doing at our BNB with the Joker?” “That’s a good question Robin and I intend to find out as soon as we recover the Batmobile.” “Holy paycheck Batman, they won’t be able to pay for their rooms.” “What are you talking about old chum?” “They don’t have any pockets for keys or cash in their uniforms.” “Right again old chum. As soon as we get back we’ll have them evicted but first we have to get to the Batmobile. Batman and Robin hurry on to Fifth and Maple. “I sure could do with some milk and cookies. I’m starving Batman. We’ve been running around all day looking for the car.” “That may be true Robin but remember this, Duty before pleasure.” “Boy I sure hope those miserable crooks left us something in the refrigerator.” 

Will Batman really evict Kirk and his landing party? Will Mr Spock get the bail money? Will Spock and McCoy be tempted to use a plan hatched by “The Penguin” Will Batman get a parking ticket or worse have his car towed away by the Gotham City Council. Will Robin get his milk and cookies? Tune in next week for the answers to these questions and more.




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