1959 Reproduction Barbie in Commuter Set

This is a Barbie doll I have had for many years. Probably about 20 or so years to be more exact. I no longer really collect as many Barbies and female dolls as I prefer the boys. I don’t really have the room for them so most are stuffed in a trunk along with the older 1980s and 90s Kens that I don’t like as much anymore. I might decide to drag them out again one day if I ever decide what I want to do with them. There are a few Barbie’s that I still really like including this reproduction one from 1959. The real thing is the same age as me. Imagine Barbie turning the big 60 this year. That actually makes her a pig just like me too. For those who don’t know it is the year of the pig in the Chinese zodiac but I am getting really off track mentioning that. I quite like that Barbie came out in my birth year though. I got to thinking about it so that is why I am doing this post. I’m afraid her outfit is a bit dirty from being on display all these years. I tried to clean it up but did not want to make her worse. I won’t go into the details of her outfit as Vanda has featured it on her own dolls. So in honour of Barbie turning 60 here she is. I must say she has aged much better than I have and she kept her figure too.




  1. I’m old enough to remember wearing those little white gloves when I was a child. Being a girly-girl I loved them, and I have fond memories of the 1950s styles. Your Barbie looks like she knows a secret – maybe how to stay younger forever. 🙂 The artwork on the box is a nice collectible, too. You did startle me with the reference to pigs until you explained it. Enjoy your very special year!

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  2. I have a Chinese sister-in-law so loved the (year of the) Pig reference, plus one of my Pinterest albums has pigs in it. I love her outfit, even the hat, but I love that era of pillbox hats, and caps with netting, etc.. In the photo the suit looks charcoal or black, but the box art looks more navy..either way I can also see it paired with a red/white striped blouse, or even mock turtle, or even button up shirt. Then again I’ve seen tuxedo’s on women on the red carpet and think this doll might rock that too. I do wish someone might do a pinstripe suit with a fedora for her too. Maybe go up-scale with some Jimmy Choo pumps, you don’t turn Sixty every year! Great blog!!

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  3. Both class and Sass, I don’t dislike current dolls as long as they are dressed well or have fabulous shoes so if I do a custom outfit they are more complete. I would love to see the boys get something special too, more hats or wigs or glasses. Less molded hair and lack luster pieces, basics would be good enough if it was several mix-and-match pieces. Maybe unisex wear suitable for a 11 or 12″ doll.

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  4. Had a awesome find at the Goodwill store got several new Barbie outfits and a Barbie as President doll w/ royal blue suit for barely over budget ($25) which is good because I won a Ginny Weasley on E-bay.I think I might make a hat like your gals in white to go w/ the red,blue outfits. I’ll have to see if I can score some gloves but this outfit would be great on my gals w/ bad hair cuts too.

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  5. Oh, timeless, glamorous and elegant, love her hat. I’m Asian so appreciate the connection to your birth year and Astrological animal. I’m a Tiger.

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