Invasion of the Guys


This is my Owen from Jurassic World. I was going to put him up in a post ages ago but didn’t know what I had done with him. I thought he could have accidentally been packed but he’d just been put on a shelf with some  of my other dolls waiting to be packed away ready for moving. I must say I really like his outfit which is well made. I was thrilled to pieces to find the waist coat and top were two seperate pieces and not one piece. It has always really annoyed me to find shirts with no sleeves under jackets and things like that. Owen has a nice pair of jeans and nice boots to complete his outfit. I will probably change his clothes later to see how he looks in other outfits so he is bound to show up in Invasion of the Guys again later. Anyway here he is as he arrived here in Oatlands from Amazon.




  1. The face-mold is very close to the Finnick /Hunger games one. Love the jeans/tee/vest combo. Don’t love the hair but might be better w/ boil wash or this guy could double for Starlord/guardians of the galaxy, as the action figures are not articulated.Just as Huhura AA articulated so a good model for the gal in the same movie, and her action figure has the same issues. Love this!

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