Fashion Doll Friday: Really Rosy Kayla 2003

After doing Fashion Doll Friday for as long as I have I sometimes have to think about which doll to feature. I also like to mix things up a bit so when I am stuck for an idea I go back over older posts to see when I last featured a particular type of doll and because these days I have the memory of a goldfish, which ones I’ve already shared.

This morning my search revealed that we hadn’t had a Fashion Fever Friday girl for quite some time so I narrowed down my search to see who I’d already used. I think that most of the Teresa dolls have now been done so I turned to Lea/Kayla and found very few posts of them.

So, today’s Friday Girl is, not a Fashion Fever doll at all! She is “Really Rosy Kayla” from 2003. The Really Rosy’s were a set of three dolls, Barbie, Kayla and Christie. As far as I can remember Christie was not sold here but Kayla was and I got her in preference to Barbie. These dolls have the belly button body just the same as the Fashion Fevers. These dolls appeared just before the Fashion Fever series started I think.

Although she has the same belly button body Rose seems to have a much smaller head than some of the Fashion Fever dolls. It makes her features seem very small in comparison. I think some heads got quite large in this period so she looks a little unusual next to other Kayla/ Leas. She has beautiful highlights in her hair. Rose is wearing her original outfit of a denim skirt, cropped jacket with a fur collar and knee boots.

Now that I’ve discovered how few nice photos I have of this group of dolls you may get a few more over the coming weeks. If you are wondering about the prop that Rose is posing in front of all will be revealed in my next post.



  1. She reminds me of some of the more mature looking Skippers w/ the pink and purple hair streaks. Even though the Catniss and Trish dolls had the lea face they all look different w/ the wide range of hair. I love her outfit! The florals are still a big theme in both casual wear and on the red carpet! The boots are so perfect. Your Prop looks proper vintage! I had vintage shelf paper/wall-paper almost just like that! So cool!


  2. I always had a sweet spot for the Lea mold, Kayla is gorgeous and she looks way better than Realy Rosy Lea.
    Lea is the fourth doll in this line, she had black hair and her expression is a little bitter sweet. Kayla looks much happier.

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  3. Amazed at all the variations of Barbie dolls out there for us collectors to explore. I know that small differences will get me interested in acquiring;)


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