Fashion Doll Friday: Black Basics Barbie 09

Today’s Friday Girl is Black Basics Barbie 09 aka Becky. I know we have had her before but although I have had free time to take photos this week my mind has not really been on it due to some nearby bushfires. Becky is one of my favourite fashion dolls as you know. I may not be able to post for a few days but I will be back when things here have settled down a bit.



  1. Hope the bushfires have been brought under control and that your safety is assured. Thanks for posting about one of my favorite Basics, just love her hair and lovely face.

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  2. Best wishes and prayers, we get a fair bit of that in so. Cali, it’s maddening/scary being on alert. Is Naomi at risk as well? You are so good to favor us with Becky again, she rocks the mini. I love all the Becky look Barbie’s I think she can wear anything. God bless.

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