Barbie: Far Out Barbie

Far Out Barbie

This is my Far out Barbie whom I am also showing today. I’ve also had her since the 90’s or early 2000s. She was bought in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall so along time ago now. She is based on the mod dolls made in the mid to late 1960s as you can see. The inside of the box makes me think of James Bond movies. She wouldn’t have made a bad Bond girl at all. I think the graphics on the outside back of the box are particularly nice so I’m adding a photo so you can see them. This is a Twist & Turn Barbie reproduction and I noticed it said 1998 on her certificate. What do you think of her outfit? I personally love her fishnet tights and the coloured coat over the white dress. Her straight hair really sets off her look.

Boxed Far Out Barbie
The back of her box.
Far Out Barbie
She is a Twist & Turn doll


  1. What a lovely face. The outfit is truly flower power! Although I never had a pair (sigh) those white go-go boots bring back lots of memories. I’m usually in favour of deboxing dolls, but this is one of the Barbies whose box provides the perfect setting. The graphics on the back of the box are wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Oh! I have this Barbie. I bought her because I’m a child of the 60s and thought she is so groovy. Mine wasn’t in a box, so it’s nice to see what the box looks like.

    She is one of my very few Barbie’s. I’m not a Barbie collector, I collect Tammy dolls.

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    • Vanda has a good collection of Tammy and is trying to get everyone in the family. She recently got Salty Pete. I believe that is his name and once he arrives he will be shown.


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