Barbie: Solo in the Spotlight

Before I get into my Barbie post I’d like to let everyone know that Vanda is safe and staying with friends in a nearby town. There is still a threat of burning embers falling on property and igniting and as Vanda is unable to defend her home she has quite sensibly gone to stay with some friends in another town further from the threat of the fires. Tasmania is not having a good Summer as it is so very dry here. It seems like more than half the state is up in flames. Here in Oatlands we have had some strong winds and a lot of smoke but no threat to our town and I do thank God for that. Luckily there has been no loss of life and minimal property damage. My heart does go out to the people who have lost their home. Vanda is not sure when she will return home at this point and is keeping in touch with my by phone and email each day. She hopes to have more news this afternoon as there is a meeting in one of the towns and friends have gone there to attend it.

Well onto Barbie. I intend to post a few of Barbie this year as it is her 60th birthday very soon. I think Vanda said it was in March but will have to check on that point. Today I am showing my Barbie in the Spotlight. I got her as a gift in the 90s when she was new. She has been kept in her box to keep her clean. My house does seem to get very dusty and I have always had lots of little paws pattering around the house dispersing hair and fur to every corner of the house. I took Barbie out of the box for the purpose of taking her photos. I think she is a lovely doll with her lovely skin tones and blonde hair. Her black dress is very glamorous and she really looks like she could belt out a jazzy number in front of a big band. I’m not sure what kind of music Mattel envisioned their Babs singing but when I look at her I hear jazz music in my head. She’d have a big band behind her with an amazing decorated set just like in the movies. These movies are of course before Bab’s time but I think they suit her beautiful dress. Here are some photos I took this afternoon.

Still in her box.
Deboxed and looking good.
B&W photo for effect




  1. Thanks for the update on Vanda, keeping her in my thoughts until the all clear. Barbie looks fabulous for a 60-year old and you kept her well preserved (I’m a serial boxer myself and keep my dolls in their containers). She is so glam, love her hair and dress.

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    • I put her back into the box again afterwards to keep her clean but if we get a decent place to display them later I can take her and the others back out.

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  2. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for Vanda. Great to see your Solo in the Spotlight Barbie.and she does indeed look like a sultry jazz singer. This was one of the two Barbie outfits I coveted as a little girl. As an adult I was thrilled when a friend gave me the Solo in the Spotlight dress for my bubble head Barbie. For me this outfit is iconic Barbie.

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    • It really would look great on a bubble head Barbie doll. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for Vanda. It’s pretty scary. I am very worried about Vanda right now. She and her friends have had to move on from where they were. I am waiting for news from her.


  3. Oh, no! I am keeping Vanda in my prayers and hope everything goes well and she can return home soon.
    Lovely doll and lovely to be able to keep your spirits up.


  4. Revisiting this after the crisis as I won one of these and I also saw her offered up as a prize on an other blog. she is in fact very iconic. I decided it was a Brilliant idea to put her on a bubble cut. The Black haired Repro nearly cried out for the honor.I had to snip the bottom hem to manage it though,even on like bodied dolls they are nearly shoehorned into their clothing.The orig. doll is a bobby soxer w/ her pink scarf,and Elvis and Frankie and others are her beaus.Fun stuff.

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