Barbie’s 60th Year Celebrations

101 Dalmatians

I thought I would continue on with showing all my Barbies to celebrate her 60th birthday this year. The first three were older Barbies so today I thought I would do a newer one. The previous Barbies were all reproduction dolls I had wearing fabulous outfits from the times. Today’s Babs is from the late 1990s. Somewhere between 1996 and 1999. I went to Singapore on holidays and visited Toys R Us on both occasions. They had a really huge store in Orchard Street in the Forum Mall. I think this one might have been exclusive to the store as it has the web address on the box. I seem to remember her coming out with three hair colours. Mine has the titan hair colour. I think her outfit is quite striking as well as being fun. I like her little spotted socks. She even has some spotted sunnies on her head. They are more in a vintage style and look really good. 

Before I go here is a quick update on Vanda. We can all breathe a big sigh of relief. I know I did when I heard from her at lunch time. She has relocated miles away from any sort of fire danger and is now staying with some good friends. She said she will call me everyday and we should be able to finally meet up for a cup of tea. She will not return home until it is completely safe to do so. More later. 






  1. I hope Vanda can safely return home soon.

    Delightful doll, based on one of my favorite movies, love all the details, especially the sunnies and socks which pop against her red clothes.

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    • I like that movie too and maybe it’s why I bought this doll although I liked the colour of her hair too. I remember seeing the movie on a train going somewhere.


  2. Still praying, thanks for keeping us updated. I Told a new Tammy fan about you lovely sisters, and I hope she visits this blog soon. Love the Dalmations theme doll, we have some here and there but re-homed lots when hubby retired from the Fire Department. God bless you gals.

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    • Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts and sending us some new readers. I will try to keep posting something until Vanda can go home. Now we have to pray for the safety of her home and all the dolls!


  3. Hi all, I am staying with my friends Ally and Matt and they are kindly allowing me to use their wifi. Things are not too good back in Geeveston and I am anxious about my house and especially my dolls (and some of Naomi’s) But I accept there is nothing I can do now but wait and hope. The good thing is nobody has been seriously hurt or killed by these awful fires. We’ll all have to use the power of positive thinking to keep it that way.

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    • Vanda, you, your house, and your dolls are all in our thoughts! Most of all we are happy you’re safe but I’m sure we can all identify with the anxiety you feel over your home and possessions. Fingers crossed for the fires ending soon!

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