Barbie’s 60th Year Celebrations

Barbie Movie Star

This is another 1990s Barbie that I bought new for my collection. I thought since they just had the SAG awards I would post this Barbie next. Barbie comes with some nice accessories including some body glitter. A lot of Barbies had some cool gimmicks back in the 90s like this. Barbie has a flashy silver jacket so her outfit can go from day to night. She has a little silver handbag and some cool mirrored sunnies with a purple frame. I’m sure she would create a stir as she parades down the red carpet. What sorts of films could you envision Barbie starring in. Whose arm would she be on? Ken does not appear to have been made as a movie star. I’m sure I would have grabbed him if he had. Well the back of the box has some nice graphics on it so I have photographed both back and front of the box. If some of the shots of the Barbie boxes look a bit funny it’s because the cellophane has discoloured over the years during the time I displayed the dolls in my big toy room. 

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  1. Don’t know, love the mix and match and colors. It would be great if there was an Asian version of this doll, better yet a hunky fab guy to escort them. I am still looking for the Clark Gable Ken, he might suit.

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  2. Oh, this is so cool – I actually have this dress (and maybe the jacket). It was a thrift store or flea market find so I never knew what Barbie it belonged to. Of course, I don’t have the sunglasses. They are fabulous! Super graphics on the box. I’m enjoying all your boxed Barbies. 🙂
    I believe there were a couple of versions of SuperStar Ken. The 1988 one was dressed in a silver outfit and came with an award (but no sunglasses!).

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