What if…?

As Naomi explained in her post I am staying with friends away from Geeveston because of the ongoing bushfire threat. I have not heard of any fires near my house but with windy and unpredictable conditions, there is a real danger to properties well away from the fire from flying embers. I took Cindy and Polly with me but I could not possibly choose one or two dolls to take with me and leave the rest so I shut the door and hoped they would be there when it was all over. I did put wet towels in the window sills and shut all the internal doors of the house. I doubt that would have helped but it made me feel better.

My dolls house unpacked.
The reorganised shelves including the troublesome Netta and Metti’s.

I’ve often worried about what would become of my collection after I’m gone but I’ve never given a lot of thought to what I’d do if I lost it. Apart from my pets losing my dolls would be harder than losing anything else because of the amount of time and effort that has gone into collecting them all. There is a story or a memory attached to every one of them.

I do have home contents insurance but I have no idea how much if anything, the doll collection is worth. I had said to Naomi in the past that when we buy our new home we will have so many antiques and collectibles that we should do something about insuring them separately. However, even if we did, having the money wouldn’t necessarily mean we could replace them. Some of those dolls, and other things that Naomi has collected; took years to track down, others were toys from our childhoods or were gifts. Some were bought from overseas and it would cost a lot to replace them now. I don’t know if I would have the heart to do it all again or even if I will live long enough to do it.

The fire situation seems worse every day and I can only hope I still have my dolls and Naomi’s fashion dolls, paper dolls and dolls house furniture. Losing her stuff would make me feel even worse than losing my own. If they are all still there and I get home I do intend to start on a proper inventory, listing what we have and including a photo. I should have done it a long time ago. If you have been meaning to catalogue your collection, don’t leave it. I’m thankful that because of this blog I at least have photos of most of mine.

Compositon Shirley Temple doll by Ideal c 1930s.
Composition Shirley Temple doll by Ideal c 1930s.


    • It was. I took a small suitcase for me, a bag of stuff for the pets, my laptop and a shopping bag with my camera and some things that didn’t fit in the other bags. I didn’t think I should take more because I would be riding with other people and they would have their cars packed already.


  1. Scary business. I was always told to research replacement cost in the value of a collection. I think your advice is well heeded. I have tried several times tried to get organized enough to take pics/make a list. Seems I’m shifting different collections for the seasons, ( and as I’m back on donations duty) storing mint packages for later. Still far past the ability to chuck any into my 72 hour escape backpack, I know three I might grab (my sisters made)..but I would mourn the doll houses too. But all that being said you have the most valuable cargo. I am praying for you to be well and whatever good blessings faith might achieve, pray your home be preserved. God bless you sweet lady, and your friends and neighbors.

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  2. Well I for one and not going to let the possible loss of the house and contents stop us from collecting. We will rise from the ashes just like the phoenix did. I know those are brave words and it will be impossible to collect everything up again but I am a very determined lady and I will at least fine some of Vanda’s dolls and the 61 again. The 61 is the thing that pisses me off because it took me ages to find someone who would agree to post one over here. I will be sad about my vintage dolls house furniture, Baby Ada and Baby Cocoa. I never seem to have luck with her. If I have to get another I think I will call her Baby Cinders instead. I’ll miss my Dollikins and Francie and Stacey and all the paper dolls but we can start again. I just came home from shopping and guess what came on my music player? “Light My Fire” Can you believe it? Well I take that as a challenge. Don’t worry Vanda, if the worse happens we’ll get through it together even if I have to spend the rest of my life working at the dam Hospital!


  3. I sincerely hope your house and all your doll treasures remain safe. But, as Naomi said, dolly things can be found again. The important thing is that you and your pets stay safe.
    As for the doll inventory, I suspect we are all guilty of either not having any inventory or having a half-done inventory. And, of course, a copy of our inventory should be kept in another location. Your idea of insuring your collection (really, any kind of collection) separately is an excellent idea.

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  4. I thought how this must be so painful for you to have to leave everything. I have been praying you will be able to return home soon and everything will be unscathed. I know what I would grab if I had a moment, but preserving life is the most important thing to do.
    Years ago I made lists of my dolls and took videos of the contents of my home. Out dated now, but a good idea to keep abreast of doing it and storing it in a safe deposit box.
    Hoping to hear positive updates.

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  5. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I can’t imagine how stressful and worrisome this is for you and I sincerely hope your home and its contents are unscathed. But the most important thing is the health and safety of you and yours. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for good news soon.

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  6. Dear Vanda, I admit I never even gave an update a thought, until now. I feel you will have your chance to make your list. The fires must be gotten under control before long. Hopefully it won’t be long. Stay safe. Blessings to you.

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