Barbie’s 60th Year Celebrations

Barbie Sit in Style

This is another of my boxed Barbie’s from my old display in the “Toy Room”. This Barbie is from 1999. She came with a pink inflatable chair. As I said in a previous posts a lot of Barbies came with some fun gimmicks in the good old days. Nearly every Barbie had a decent outfit and a brush as well as some sort of theme. In this case it’s the plastic blow up chair. There were four dolls in the line. Barbie’s pals Christie, Teresa and Kira each came with their own colour theme. They each had the same outfit as Barbie but in yellow (Christie), green (Teresa) and blue (Kira). I really liked Barbie groovy looking sunnies. They made me think of the mod dolls. I nearly forgot to mention the included stickers that you should be able to see at the top of the box. They are to stick over the chairs and on Barbie’s outfit. They are reusable so little girls (and big ones) can have fun decorating the chair and Barbie’s outfit over and over if they so desire.




  1. What a fun line of dolls. And you are so good to have your Barbie still in her box with her accessories. I’m afraid I would have ripped that box open as soon as I got it!


  2. I am de-boxing more and more these days, I really like the box-art for photos and so often the clear bits get crushed in transit to my place from e-bay or even in storage. I was so glad to see this gals outfit as I had loose bits matching this! Now I will just look for a likely face/body to go with. Sinse Vanda has the de-boxed doll can you tell me if the body is a 1999 back mark or the standard 1966? All the dolls I will be checking will be rescues.

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