Bunty and Melissa

Bunty and Melissa are two dolls I’ve had for a long while now. Melissa is the younger sister of Mal Cartwright you would have seen in Invasion of the Guys. Bunty James is her best friend and the younger sister of Sandy and Mandy James. They would have turned up in various shoots of Vanda’s dolls. Bunty is a Flavas doll while Melissa is a beach Skipper of some sort. I really can’t remember which one right now. We’ll pick up the details for another more serious post. Bunty and Melissa work together in a hair and beauty salon Bunty started with her best friends in London. Right now the girls are embarking on a trip to Sydney to catch Mal’s new band The Fatalists and catch up with Bunty’s older sisters. Here are some shots of the girls together and separately. I will see if Vanda wants to do a post of the Flavas. later. I’m not sure if we have ever done one of them or not so will have to check with her. I have another male Flavas doll we can show another time. He is deboxed but I think I have his original outfit somewhere in my mess of clothing. Well here are Bunty and Melissa and you can bet there will be all sorts of mischief and trouble with these two around. They know how to liven things up and get what they want.







  1. After reading that Bunty’s siblings are named Sandy and Mandy, I’m surprised you didn’t name her Candy instead of Bunty. 🙂 I enjoyed reading this introduction and am looking forward to the girls’ adventures in Sydney.

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  2. I love the flavas gal, I have one w/tiny braids all over her head. So love the jewelry, did it come with or was it your addition? Your (doll) family relations are intreaging. That would be a fun group picture.. doll families. That is how I plan taking some doll pics is in their “families”. I also steal my Scottish family names for my Scottish dolls. Can Flavas dolls and Modern Skipper share clothes?

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    • I’ve never redressed her but I will have a look. They might be able to exchange some of them. Will get back to you later.


    • My Skippers are probably similar in size to the Flavas but they are taller. The Skippers are nearly a head taller than the Flavas girl. I am sure the tops would fit quite well but jeans would not. I don’t think they could exchange shoes as Skipper’s foot is much smaller in the case of the dolls I have here. I don’t know what the latest Skipper is like. Vanda has one at home. The Flavas doll’s feet are very long and narrow but rubbery. I tried a looser shoe such as a sneaker and it did not go on very well. She would not be able to borrow sandals and fancy shoes. Hope this helps answer your question.


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