Fashion Doll Friday: Bath Boutique Barbie 1998

As I am unable to photograph any dolls this week Naomi has dipped into her box of Barbie’s to provide one for us. I haven’t seen any of them for years so they are like new ones to me as well.

This week’s Friday Girl is, I believe, Bath Boutique Barbie from 1998. She originally wore a sky blue bikini and a white bathrobe with matching blue trim. She came with a little bottle of bubble bath. This is a guess because playline Barbies from around that time are sometimes hard to ID when they are not in their original outfits. However, I do remember Naomi getting Bath Boutique Barbie as I thought she was rather nice with her pale hair and I liked the outfit. Her name is Megan and she is an older sister of Mal and Melissa.

I have not managed to ID her outfit yet but it is most likely a Fashion Avenue from the late 1990s. We were new to collecting then and nice dolls and outfits were plentiful in Adelaide so we bought a lot. Naomi says this outfit is complete except for a small bag which she hasn’t found yet.



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