Invasion of the Guys

Skipper’s Boyfriend Scott

Or should we make that Skipper’s former boyfriend Scott? This is one of the many loves of Skipper. I found a card inside that read “Limited Warranty”  so that must have sealed his fate. Scott was from around 1979 and was made in the Philippines. He has soft dark curly hair and came with some mix and match clothing and roller skates. Of course roller skating was all the rage back then. The skates in the box are quite nice ones with wheels that really turn so you can actually make Scott skate. It says “Make him do figure 8s” What if he didn’t want to???? Maybe that led to his early demise. The box has really nice graphics and I think Scott was actually a good quality doll to buy if you liked playing with Barbie. I don’t think he looks very much like he is depicted on the box however. The box shows him with more wavy hair rather than a big curly afro. He was sold in US stores for around $7.87. I can still read the ticket on the box. What I thought was interesting was the one bent arm. I’m not sure if they made many dolls with one bent arm going back to 1979. Anyone know of any others?

Scott in his box
Back of Scott’s box
Limited Warranty
Scott has one bent arm
Shorts and skates




  1. I don’t recall any other bent arm male dolls from that time either. Skipper ditched him for Kevin so I guess she was not impressed by figure eights. Aren’t the graphics on the box a lot like the paper dolls of the time?

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  2. Your introduction made me chuckle. I’ve never seen this doll before, and I don’t recall the single bent arm from that era. Maybe the bent arm was for Skipper to cling to. 🙂 What a lot of hair! I’m thinking Skipper’s parents made her dump Scott because of the hair.

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  3. The boy and girl graphics on the box remind me of the characters on the tv show Family, especially the girl reminds me of Kristy McNichols in that series from 1976?-about 1980. My brother’s hair was always really curly and he had his graduation picture taken that looks a lot like Scotty’s. A lot of guys did have afros in the late 1970’s despite many Dad’s that hated it. I know mine did.


  4. I recall early 80’s when I was still at cosmetology school, perms for guys was a popular thing..and they tipped better than the gals. Still think Scott looks like the Brady bunch guys. Love the box art, kind of like Osmond dolls. Plus the paper dolls for Scott & Skipper, pretty groovy.

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    • They do resemble the Brady guys. I remember their curly hair now. I’m not really a fan of it myself. Scott is Skipper sized and very light weight. I only ever saw the Brady paper dolls. I have a set here and was annoyed to find they never included Peter and Bobby who were probably my favourites when I watched as a kid. I liked Jan too. Did they make Brady fashion dolls? I’ve only seen action figures of them. Did they have them in the US.


  5. Don’t think so. Did see an Action figure Greg and Alice. Still looking for more. Plus Buffy doll reminds me of Cindy, and Skipper the companion, doll for Scott has a Brady look as well. Plus the Osmond dolls have pretty cool mod clothes. Also the 30″ Marie Osmond doll came w/ 5 basic patterns. Love the mod era, I’m still looking for Sixties fun Barbie 1997.


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