Barbie’s 60th Birthday Celebrations

Golden Allure Barbie

I rate this Barbie as being one of the best ones they made. This Barbie is from 1999 and was made in Indonesia. I think she looks really glam in all her golden finery. It says on her box that she is a special edition. I love the gold patterns on the dress and the fur sleeves. She has gold stockings, shoes and some jewelry to complete her outfit. There is no bag! Never mind because ken is going to pay for dinner and entertainment. This Barbie has a very pretty face with green eyes and red lipstick. Her outfit goes perfectly with her hair colour too. Here are some photos of her.



  1. LOL about the purse. There were periods when I wasn’t adding to my doll collection and was totally out of the loop so this doll is new to me. A classic Barbie face and hairstyle. The dress is perfect. I love that kind of neckline where there is lots of skin showing, but in a tasteful way, and those faux fur cuffs are a lovely detail.

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  2. Gorgeous golden girl, what a stunner, love the “winter white”, fur trimmed damask dress. Should be easy to find a clutch for her for essentials like keys, phone and red lipstick.

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