Barbie’s 60th Birthday Celebrations

A Wedding Party

This is a wedding party set I bought in Singapore in the late 90s. I no longer have the box for this set. At least I don’t think I do. Some are stashed away in a box in my shed but I am doubtful about the condition of these now and I don’t feel like delving into a box of spiders to find out either. I have kept these dolls in a trunk instead. For some reason Ken is not with the bride after they married. As the veil is off I can only assume the wedding is over and they have left the church for photographs. Did Barbie and Ken row already? Well they look happy enough so maybe Ken just had to go to the mens or something. Vanda can probably throw some more light over this set. Barbie is pictured here with Stacey and Todd. Stacey is my favourite of all the Barbie doll children. This is the only Stacey I have. I hope to get a modern Stacey later on. I do have one of Stacey’s friends so I will try to find her for a photo later on. I have a few Stacey outfits so will show those on the kids later.




  1. This is Wedding Party Deluxe Gift Set from 1994. It was only Barbie, Stacie, and Todd. Perhaps it was taken at Barbie’s House before the wedding or perhaps one of the group shots afterward. “Let’s have one with just the children.”

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